Sebastian County Inmate Spends Night In Courts Building By Mistake

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A Sebastian County inmate was left in a court building holding cell overnight last month instead of being returned right away to the jail, according to a Sheriff's Office news release.

A court bailiff found the inmate in a secure cell the next morning at the Sebastian County Courts Building, the release states.

The inmate, whose name was not immediately released, is in jail on felony drug charges and a charge of endangerment of a minor, according to the release.

The inmate was at the courts building for a hearing on Feb. 27. After her court appearance, she was placed in a cell at the courts building and spent the night there, the release states.

The bailiff discovered her in the cell at 6:20 a.m. the next day, the release states.

After the inmate was brought back to the detention center, medical personnel examined her and found no medical issues, according to the release.

An internal investigation is underway into the incident, according to the Sheriff's Office.


  • happy happy happy

    Are you saying someone who was supposed to be supervising her just “forgot her”???? This is unacceptable. I don’t care what your job is, you need to keep your mind on it!! whatever “distracted” this person from doing that job….perhaps texting, cell phone, etc….needs to be the issue addressed as well as the fact that it happened.

  • Shelley

    Thus happened a few years back with a lady except they forgot about her for several days and she had no food or water…very disturbing!!!

  • royprhodes

    At least 2 are 4 should either be suspended are FIRED.
    1) the 1 that takes Prisoners to and from the Court House.
    2) the 1 that does Head Count in the Jail.
    3) the 1 that didn’t notice at Supper Someone was missing.
    4) the 1 that CLEANS after Hours should of found her..

  • Sarah 1

    Who is in charge of inmates? A woman needs to be put in charge and given a chart of where everyone is at all times and every person who comes and goes ‘signs IN and OUT’. Anyone who messes up gets fired. I agree with the first comment, @Shelley – that poor woman died. Heads should have rolled then. We need new leadership.

    To the lady left overnight, sue the jail. You have a right to food, bathroom facilities, and a bed.

  • Jojo

    I don’t know, but sounds like she is gonna want a cigarette and some shampoo to was her hair since she was “forgotten”.

  • All Rise

    Just last week that guy escaped from the Paris jail (second time), and now a women left unattended in a court room. We live in the River Valley, these people are still stuck in the 50’s or something? But don’t expect professionals out of this bunch around here.

    I was on jury duty a few years ago in Fort Smith, and the bailiffs were JERKS towards the jury people, so was the prosecutor.

    I rest my case. you get what you pay for.

  • Amos

    That jail system is messed up, People has died in that jai because guards was not doin there job, now this, my brother got put in Jail there years ago and was put in the drunk tank, that was on a Friday night and they forgot about him, and found him Monday Morning, they have always had problems there, that is not a very good jail, either the guards or the supervisors are not doing there job, sonething needs to be done before more people die there or more careless mistake like this happen again, it just comes to show, how the cops or guards do not care about anyone and do not check anyone like they are supposed to do..

  • JR Gibbs

    I do not even know the name of the sheriff, but he needs to be fired! That jail has way too many problems. I remember 3 times in recent history they released the wrong prisoners. They don’t even know where their prisoneers are. This is dangerous and not funny and somebody is going to get hurt or killed. There is no excuse and I am sick of excuses from politicans that get jobs that should not have them.

  • Nancy Brown Herrera

    Makes you wonder as well about the people that check them back into the jail and does the checks throughout the night why wasn’t it noticed by all of these people that she was not there. Just crazy

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