Springdale Police Department Donates 250 Pounds Of Food

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The Springdale Police Department has donated 250 pounds of food to a food bank, according to a Tweet they sent out this afternoon.

All the food was donated to “Wooten’s Helping Hands” at the Har-Ber High School today. They are a food bank that was set up by Springdale Police Department Officer Tommy Wooten in partnership with Har-Ber High School students and staff. It’s designed to provide food for less-fortunate students in the district.

The food items were collected during the Food Drive/Warrant Amnesty Month in February.

Individuals could turn themselves in on non-violent warrants and have their bond waved, in exchange for a food donation. They served 97 warrants and collected nearly 300 non-perishable food items or approximately 250lbs of food, according to Lt. Derek Hudson with the Springdale Police Department.