Sunshine Brings Snow Melt For Benton County

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Many roads in Benton County are clear, after three days of sunshine and snow plows.


Following Sunday’s snowfall, main roads started clearing up by Monday and Tuesday. And residents in Pea Ridge and Centerton said conditions were clear and drivable by Wednesday.

Gary Shook lives on a side road in Pea Ridge, and said it's clear of ice and snow.

"Yesterday they hit these roads twice and got everything off, so we are having no trouble," he said.

In Centerton, the city has close to 50 miles of roads to maintain. Many of those roads were clear, officials said.

"I would say about 37 miles are completely clear, and the others are in really good condition," said Ricky Hudson, Centerton Street Superintendent. "We have bladed and inspected most of the gravel roads, and there are no problems with them."

Highway 279, a major roadway maintained by the state, was still slick in some spots.. Mayor Bill Edwards said the Arkansas State Road Department worked on it, after he asked for their help.

"They showed up with plows and salt and sand and applied that to the roads," he said. "After they did that, they came back a couple hours later and used plows and cleared the roads off for us."

Crews said it's been a long week of plowing, but said the job is almost done.

"We're just waiting on the final melt on the curb and gutters and we are enjoying it now."

Officials in Centerton said they pretreated the road this time, which helped get ice and snow off more quickly.