Springdale Is State’s Dominant Job Creator, Chamber of Commerce Says

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Springdale has been responsible for 49.1 percent of all jobs created in the entire state of Arkansas for the four year period between Jan. 2010 and December 2013, according to the Springdale Chamber of Commerce.

“With recently posted employment numbers for December of 2013, Arkansas Workforce Services data shows that Springdale has been the dominant job creator for the state and region, creating 7,909 new, non-farm jobs since January 2010. The entire state produced 16,100 new jobs during that time. The next closest Arkansas city in job creation during that four-year period is Bentonville with 4,926 jobs,” a report from the Springdale Chamber of Commerce stated.

Within the state’s 10 largest cities during the same time span, Springdale created 33.9 percent of all new jobs (22,302).

The four northwest Arkansas cities (Springdale, Fayetteville, Rogers, and Bentonville) have created 18,479 jobs during the time span, according to the report.

Without all those jobs created within the four cities, Arkansas would ahve lost a net 2,379 jobs since Jan. of 2010.

“Our job growth success is resonating with businesses looking to expand,” says Lance Eads, Chamber vice president for economic development. “We are recognized as having a vibrant economy with a skilled and available workforce. Combined with our excellent quality of life, Springdale is a rich target for job creation.”

Below is a table showing data on jobs created in Arkansas: