Governor Beebe Signs Extension Of “Private Option”

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As of today, the Medicaid compromise known as the “Private Option” has been signed into law and extended for this year, according to a Tweet from the office of Governor Beebe.

It passed the Arkansas House of Representatives with a vote of 76 to 24 on March 4, and it passed the Arkansas Senate with a vote of 27 to 8 on Feb. 20.

The bill reauthorizes funding for the “Private Option” program that uses federal Medicaid funds to purchase private insurance for low-income residents. Arkansas was the first state to win federal approval for such a model, an alternative to expanding Medicaid under the federal health care law, according to our affiliate station KTHV – Channel 11.

It will keep alive a program that’s extended health coverage to nearly 94,000 people.

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  • Sarah 1

    Thank you Governor Beebe. From the Delta shores of poverty thru the misery of the hills in Johnson County to the very poor in Polk County and beyond, we are thankful for civil minded servants who put the people first. Medical care should be a right for all citizens everywhere.

    I would much rather spend tax monies for helping the sick and disadvantaged than paying Lockheed Martin a billion dollars for one F34 or whatever number they are up to now.

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