VIDEO: Surprise Homecoming Celebration For Member Of The Air Force

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Air Force Tech Sergeant Christopher Yarbrough received a surprise homecoming celebration today at the Alma Intermediate School.

"I thought I was just going to go to the classroom and say thank you," he said.

He was going to say thanks for multiple care packages the youngsters sent to him over Christmas when he was in Afghanistan.

Instead, the kids ended up giving him thanks for protecting and serving them.

"Wow, I definitely do not deserve this. There's so many people that serve and deploy," he said.

Yarbrough has served for nearly 16 years, including with the 188th in Fort Smith and all the way overseas in Afghanistan and Korea.

He said it was the little things that got him through long periods he spent away from his family.

"The care packages they definitely help morale you get into a routine and you kind of almost forget about the real world," he said.

He continued, "I was really excited. I didn't know what to say."


  • joesumone

    I think he should’ve had an appointment with a razor before arriving. I understand he may be on leave, but he is still required to conform to uniform and grooming standards while on leave. Any NCO should know this, whether Active Duty, Reserve, or Guard. On a side note, there are some, er, a lot of members of the 188th that might want to re-read AFI 36-2903. Even though they may be state employees, they are still required to wear the uniform and should do so properly.

  • Cheryl Johnson

    I think we should just say thank you to Sergeant Yarbrough for the years he has given and the sacrifices he has made so we can live in a country where we can choose to be critical or choose to be thankful. I think we should also be proud that there is a teacher and a class in our community that chooses to be thankful.

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