Suspect In 100 MPH Chase That Ended At 5K Event Was Out On Drug Charges

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The man accused of leading officers on a 100 miles-per-hour chase before crashing at a 5K running event Saturday in Fort Smith has a bond hearing set for Wednesday (March 12) in Sebastian County Circuit Court.

Kyle Spoon, 23, had been out of jail on bond in connection with several drug charges. He was released from jail on $25,000 bond and awaiting trial in that case at the time of the chase, according to the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office.

Spoon remains in jail in connection with the chase on suspicion of seven counts of aggravated assault, two counts of reckless driving, fleeing from police, driving while intoxicated, refusing a breath test, resisting arrest and two counts of second-degree battery, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Fort Smith police arrested Spoon  in a high-speed chase Saturday morning after he allegedly drove through a 5K run and almost hit a child, according to police.

Runners had to dodge out of the way as the suspect drove through the event on Veterans Boulevard at Chaffee Crossing. The suspect eventually crashed and was detained by off-duty officers at the scene, according to Sgt. Wayne Barnett, of the Fort Smith Police Department.

An officer witnessed a pickup truck traveling 93 miles per hour on Phoenix Avenue at 7:46 a.m., but lost sight of the vehicle. Officers saw the truck about 20 minutes later on Geren Road, but the driver again sped off, continuing the high-speed chase, police said. Officers pursued the vehicle down South 58th Street and on Zero Street before Barling police took over. Sgt. Wayne Barnett, with the Fort Smith Police Department, said since the chase had gone past city limits they made the call to stop pursing the chase.

"None of us knew at the time they were having a 5K run out there this morning, so we had off duty officers that were out there helping direct traffic and said," said Barnett.

The high-speed chase at one point reached at least 100 miles per hour, according to Fort Smith police.

The suspect then pulled onto Veterans Boulevard at Fort Chaffee, where a 5K run event was being held. Several off-duty officers were at the event and detained the suspect after he lost control of his vehicle and crashed nearby, police said.

He did not stop immediately after the crash however; "the truck became stuck, he got out of the vehicle, attempted to run on foot and two off duty officers that were saw him and took him into custody," said Barnett.

At least six people at the event, including a six year old, said they were almost struck by the speeding vehicle, according to police. Two officers suffered minor injuries while detaining Spoon, resulting in the pending battery charges.

Shannon Frederick, a participant of the race, said seeing the young boy almost get ran over by Spoon was the most frightening experience of her life.

"The little boy was fine, and he seemed just fine, so I think we were more shaken up than he was," said Frederick.

The Junior League of Fort Smith hosted a 5K and 10K run event Saturday morning at Chaffee Crossing, according to the organization's website.


  • Ft Smith

    He should face some serious charges like attempted manslaughter if there is such a charge. Even if he hadn’t ran where an event was happening anyone fleeing apprehension should face serious charges because they do endanger anyone near them.

  • Chester Rockhard

    Its a good thing those runners and that kid had super ninja reflexes and dodged the truck.

    “Dat driver be ballin’ like a shot callah..”. “Better implement kung-fu ninja skillz.”

  • Tom

    These cops should be repermanded! They should have call off the chase! It’s not worth putting incident people at risk!

    • Ishmail Dentor

      Perhaps you should read the article before you take the side of the drunken bum. The way I read the article the chase was called off twice and the idiot drunk kept speeding and acting the fool and being seen again. When he was apprehended, it was by off duty officers working the race when the idiot crashed his vehicle. He WAS NOT being chased when he crashed his vehicle or when he went through the race.

      • anonymous law abiding citizen

        @ not me. Lol, you know the person that left that comment did vote for Obama, but they’ll never admit it :-P

  • John Q Citizen

    FSM is a joke…

    FSPD did terminate the pursuit. After the suspect reached such a dangerous speed, the lead police car canceled the pursuit and notified his supervisor and their dispatch. Barling PD later saw the fleeing suspect but lost him and never engaged in a pursuit. They all did the right thing and backed off but the drunk fleeing suspect chose to continue his high speeds even though he wasn’t being pursued.

    • FMS is a joke

      It says that now, not this morning when they first wrote the story. I pointed out all this about they should have aborting the chase, and now magically my comment is removed and the article is up dated to include this information. You really have to check ch-5’s stories about three times a day because the updated the stories they first wrote and that’s why some comments on here seem strange.

      • anonymous law abiding citizen

        I saw your comment about suspending the pursuit this afternoon. I also noticed how it’s gone too. I guess we should call five news and ask them what they want us to say when we reply on a comment. Mainstream media is the devil. Oh, gotta get off and watch the news (which is about 5% actual news), something is happening in UKRAINE. That really means something horrible is happening in the USA and they (mainstream media) is trying to distract us. Lol, the music is funny, sounds like they are gonna pound some news into my head. DUN DUN DUUUUUN!.Have a good night.

  • citizen

    I was out there for the event. It is my understanding that when the suspect turned into the area where people were gathered, they did discontinue the high-speed pursuit. He kept fleeing at a high speed, endangering people and ending up in a ditch, where he was trying to escape when the police, no longer traveling fast, arrived to arrest him. i could be wrong, but I think the assumption that the FSPD was chasing the suspect at high speed through an area where people were gathered is not correct. That may be why, as the story itself notes, the police temporarily lost track of him: he was still speeding through the race area and the police were not. Let’s not jump to any assumptions that the police did not know what they were doing.

  • mark

    so the guy eludes the cops twice, then continues his agenda a 3rd time to his demise & fortunately no other victims are hurt. 3 times a fool as they say. the guy must really have (blank) for brains, what kind of air head plays those odds? cops did the right thing, Spoon walked into his own web…..& needs to pay for it

  • Stephanie

    Did y’all read the article at all? I’m guessing you just read the title and thought you knew everything, at least enough to comment with your ridiculous and nasty remarks. It says they called off the chase, the man was drunk, he put everyone in danger on his own. Stop blaming everyone except the guilty party. I’m so sick of uneducated people blasting out there responses.

    • Derp

      Bobreal, you’re an idiot. You probably think cops should shoot first and ask questions later(if at all) when they pull someone over for say, having a taillight or headlight out? What if they have a flat? Shoot the cop be like ‘Oh, they have a flat tire, better shoot them.’ If the police shot every drunk driver, how many of your friends and family would be dead? Would you be dead? I hope so.

    • Ralph

      ‘Should HAVE’ you idiot! Not ‘should of.’ That shows how serious we should have taken your comment. I didn’t even read past that line.

  • Readitallbeforeyoujudge

    It clearly states that the chase was called for safety reasons!?! He was a drunk driver that was already speeding through town that’s why he was being pulled over, drunk and speeding umm yea I think he was already putting everyone’s life in danger!

  • Anon

    Everyone wants to hate on the police until it is their time in need. What if they hadn’t noticed this drunk guy speeding down the road and he went and killed your family members? Hmm then they would still be bad mouthing police for not patroling right? Come now people have some since! They were doing their job and did a great job!

    • Leten Uno

      Anon, I’m not taking sides. Yet let me remind you in this country there are laws and your innocent until PROVEN guilty. That type freedom brings with it some events that may not be pleasant to all.

      A drunk driver that kills someone is .01 percent of miles driven. A sober driver that kills someone, based on the fatal statistics is about the same. Half the fatalities involve alcohol, half do not.

      A driver fleeing police is not guaranteed to kill someone and in respect, it’s not likely to happen based on the numbers.

      Texting and driving is 23 times more likely to end in a crash. And some new data which tracks the rise in smartphones with the rise in crashes shows texting and driving is 10 times more likely to end in fatalities than drunk driving.
      So everyone appreciates your conviction yet this is america and drunk driving although a plague it’s not as fatal once you actually know the number of people doing it. And to answer if it was one of my family members it would be tragic. But that would mean that about 7 billion other people weren’t affect.

  • anonymous law abiding citizen

    Don’t get us started about the local police departments around here. I was once pulled over for doing thirty six in a thirty five, driving funny, and once arrested for a crime I didn’t commit all in Van Buren. Even had to go to court and plea (ended up having to plead guilty) to a crime I didn’t commit. Once the DA lied to my wife to make her plead guilty to a misdemeanor crime. They told her if she pleaded not guilty they would have the trial right then and there. Knowing her witnesses (the store manager wasn’t there. This was at her arraignment. Crawford county justice system needs to be purged. Sebastian county, not so bad. I think they did a great job ending the chase with no injuries.

  • atc8824

    Here’s an idea why don’t we read the story and blame the alcohol and the driver instead of the police.It says twice in the story that the chase was called off by both Fort Smith and Barling officers.Dumb ####’s in big trucks.

  • Leten Uno

    It seems apparent the driver will face charges. Yet this is a web site posting, not charges as faced in a court of law. Police charge someone like this with every thing possible. By the time he gets to court it may be more may be less.
    High speed pursuits rarely end nicely.

  • bob

    the guy was probly so drunk that he never knew the cops stop chaseing him. lol probly was seeing blue lights in the rearview till the end.

  • Steve Flynn

    Chasing a drunk through populated areas at a hundred miles an hour is a pretty big risk in it self. Could have been alot worse and glad they got him off the streets. But sometimes the cure is worse than whats ailing you.

  • Andrea Joy Jackson

    The way I understood the report is that, when the drunk driver was spotted for the first time, the first officer didn’t pursue him until 20 minutes later when he was caught again on Geren Rd. Then the FSPD pursued him until he hit Barling and FSPD HAD to call off the chase because it was out of city limits and had Barling police take over. Thankfully no one got hurt and fortunately he crashed in a ditched that probably damaged his vehicle and decided to try and run. If it wasn’t for those off duty police officers who apprehended him, he would have gotten away, got another car and repeat the incident and probably hurt or kill someone the 2nd time around. The police were smart on calling off the chase when necessary because having multiple cars in a crowded area, speeding through would HAVE done more damage than good. Not to mention, the 2 different police departments would be arguing on who should get the credit (any form of law enforcement agencies hates others treading onto their territory). I hope the idiot has his license revoked permanently. Again, the officers did a good job.

  • ron patterson

    i knew spoon since the 5th grade threw high school he has always been violent and harassing he even showed up at my house once drunk driving with a bunch of his friends threatening to kill me because i told someone he was a bad guy to be around this is a bad man and has been his whole life always starting fights and trying to make people miserable

    • ron patterson

      there was more then one occasion when him and his friend would run me off the road on my motorcycle swerving to hit me

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