Springdale Students Make Up Snow Days With Saturday School

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Classes were in session at all Springdale Public Schools Saturday (Mar. 8). It will count as a snow make up day for the more than two weeks worth of school students missed due to recent winter weather.

Some parents said their children were wide awake Saturday morning.

"My son was already up and ready to go," said Misty Olson.

Other parents said it took their kids a little longer to get out of bed.

"I don't know if my son didn't set his alarm on purpose, but it was pretty hard to get him up and around this morning," said Greg Moore.

The district has scheduled another snow make up day on Saturday, April 5th.  Cyndee Byrd said a six day school week is too long.

"I think they need a break," she said. "It upsets my grandson a lot. He likes to be home on the weekends, because it's the only time he can spend time with his mom and dad."

Moore said he is not behind the district's decision to have school on a Saturday.

"I think they should have tacked on days to the end of the year," he said. "It just seems weird that they are having school on a Saturday."

Some parents said their children understand that the Saturday school is there to help them.

"I can't say my son loves school, but he likes going to school," said Olson.

Students in Springdale will make up two snow days during spring break on March 24th and 25th. If any more days are missed this year due to inclement weather, school district officials said they will be added to the end of the year.


  • Chester Rockhard

    I bet the democrats caused all of this. God is punishing arkansas because of our liberal leadership.

    The only “class” that needs to be taught during the weekend is hunting 101 or watching Fox news. (But cooking needs to be taught for the girls and maybe a few boys)

  • happy happy happy

    I am one of the “property tax payers” who think schools should not receive the waivers for missed days….if they get the waivers, then I want a refund on my paid property taxes for 2014

  • Chester Rockhard


    If you feel you deserve a tax break or refund, then don’t hold your breath. The libs won’t give a penny back. Besides, corporations get first dibs on refunds since they pay so much and have far more legal representation than individuals.

  • happy happy happy

    Oh, I’m aware of the information concerning corporations in your post. I was being facetious when I posted my comment. property tax payers pay and pay and pay and never get any of it back when something goes awry.

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