Alma To Vote On Tax Renewal For Several Local Projects

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Alma residents are set to hit the polls Tuesday morning (March 11) to vote on a proposed sales tax that would go toward several local projects.

“It`s a renewal of a one cent sales tax,” said Alma Police Chief Russell White. “Originally this sales tax started in 1998. So it will be 16 years old this summer.”

White said the sales tax had initially been set for a specific project. This time, the funding, if approved, would be used for everything from economic development to improving the safety of Alma citizens.

“Beautification of downtown, some road projects, fire truck and fire station renewal,” said White. “The original tax was for trucks in 1998. Those trucks are now 16 years old.”

Alma taxpayer Wolf Grukley said a revamped downtown area is just what Alma needs.

“The state of downtown---well, it`s sad,” Grukley said.

If approved Tuesday, the tax would change to a permanent tax.

“Sales taxes are awfully high,” Grukley said.

White said with this vote being less specific on where taxpayers' money is going, some local residents and officials are concerned.

“People worry because they are not specific written projects,” White said.

White said the tax has been voted on three times before and has passed each time.


  • I am Anon

    “The original tax was for trucks in 1998. Those trucks are now 16 years old.”

    They will use the money for whatever(a blank check) and in 4 years want an additional tax because the fire trucks are 20 years old.

  • Lupe

    I’m for it but it still needs to tell us what specific items first that they decided to use that upon. Will the residents be able to vote on the projects? or is that decided differently.?

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