Garrett’s Blog: A Week Later, Nearly 40-50º Warmer!

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What’s the old saying? “If you don’t like Arkansas Weather: Just wait a few days.”

In less than a week’s time, high temperatures have rocketed into the 70s from the low 20s. We started last week in Northwest Arkansas at 1º for the morning low. Highs today (Monday) are expected to be in 70s.

We also went from snow to spring in the Fort Smith area with high temperatures last Monday near 29º and nearly 45º degrees warmer with highs in the mid 70s expected.

Normal highs this time of year are around 58º in Northwest Arkansas and 63º in Fort Smith. Highs are expected to trend cooler on Wednesday with a cold front but no significant winter weather makers are currently in the forecast for the next 7-10 days.



  • R71

    Getting ready for spring garden planting here. I’d like to know when we’re going to be safe to plant (no more 30 degree nights) ;)

  • janie langley

    trying to locate a local storm spotter class in our area. do you have info on any classes that are left?

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