GRAPHIC PHOTO: Mule Stolen, Dies Tied To A Tree

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A man in Sequoyah County, Okla., says his mule was stolen from a pasture the man was leasing at the time, and he later found it tied to a tree and dead on a different property.

The Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office is currently investigating the issue.

The man who owns the property the mule was found on gave his statement to officials, but he is not suspected of stealing the animal, according to Sequoyah County Sheriff Ron Lockhart.

George Borman, with the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office, said authorities have identified Brian Walker as a "person of interest," but deputies do not have enough evidence to arrest him in connection with the case.

Walker is being held at the Sequoyah County Detention Center in connection with a separate case, on suspicion of charges of carrying firearms after a conviction, evading an officer, possession of stolen property, possession of a controlled substance and other criminal actions, according to the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office.

He is being held on a $62,000 bond, according to a deputy at the Sequoyah County Detention Center.

This suspect is also being investigated on suspicion of stealing a horse in another town, according to the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office.

Below is a photo of the mule when it was found. WARNING: THE PHOTO IS GRAPHIC.

Mule 2


  • Steve

    The other story said the mule starved…yes, you can see it’s ribs for sure, but you can see it strangled on the lead strap going round and round the tree it was hitched to. A shame.

  • Jeannie wildcat

    my mules ribbs werent showing becuz it was starved its becuz wild animals are eating on her. and the news made a mistake the other horse was not stole from another town it was stolen from the same pasture as the mule. and seven others were stolen a few miles from the pasture. thank u for the comments and concerns.urs truely jeannie.

    • Keepalowprofile

      I am truly sorry for your loss. What a horrible experience.
      There is a suspect noted in the article. Any idea why this person would do something like this?

  • kathy brown

    This is so sad animals dont deserve this in any way the person will pay for this someday if only when his judgment day arrives the loss of any pet is a great sorrow so sorry for your loss

  • atc8824

    Why did the man steal the mule just to be mean?I do not understand why he would tie it to a tree and just leave her to expire.This man needs to be put away before he ties a human to a tree and leaves them to suffer the same fate as the mule.

  • Ft Smith

    He must be very mentally ill to do that to an animal. Makes you wonder how cruel he could be to a human. Maybe someone will give him a dose of his own medicine and make him suffer a little.

  • Warrior

    Stupid sick jerk needs a long prison stay. It’s so disheartening when an innocent animal is harmed or killed for no freaking reason other than some sick pleasure.

  • Kelly Blevins

    The maggot was probably sexually molesting her. There is so many scum bags in this world and this maggot should be locked away from Society.. He would do the same thing to a child.

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