5NEWS Fit: Losing Post Baby Weight

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With little energy and a new baby to take care of, it's no doubt a challenge for moms to lose that post baby weight.

Springdale mom Danielle Tolbert is a personal trainer, health and fitness blogger, and inspiration to moms trying to get their pre-baby body back. She knows the struggles and challenges all too well. Tolbert gained 70 pounds during pregnancy, which is something she doesn’t recommend doing, but she’s now in she best shape of her life.

The key to meeting your goal is finding a way to stay motivated.

“For me, it was to put a picture of me when I wasn't 70 pounds heavier," Tolbert said.

She ended up transforming her garage into her own gym, but Tolbert said you don’t need fancy equipment to workout at home. All you really need are weights.

“You want a transformation, you have to do the weight training," Tolbert said.

Start with short sets, just get started! Do bicep curls, squats, and lunges. Twenty minute interval training mixed with cardio helped her shed the pounds.

Don’t want to be away from your new bundle of joy? No problem. According to Tolbert, there are many things you can do with your baby at home to get you motivated and get you back in shape. You also won’t feel like you’re taking time away from your child.

"If it's their active time, put them down on the floor and do their little playtime,” Tolbert said. “Do push-ups, go down and kiss the baby and come back up. You can do so many fun things."

She also recommends holding baby and doing squats or going for walks with the stroller.

Eating clean also makes a difference.

"The word diet is really hard because you don't want to go on a diet, but being in a healthy lifestyle and eating the right foods is so key," Tolbert said.

Pairing fruits, veggies, healthy grains, and lean proteins with your daily workout will help give you more energy, get the body back, and keep mom and baby happy.

“Just do it for long term and you'll see better results that way," Tolbert said.

Tolbert actually didn’t become a personal trainer or fitness blogger until after she lost all the weight. She said she wanted to help other moms like her meet their goals by doing the research and planning for them. For more information, find Tolbert on Facebook, or visit her website, DaniGetUrGunz.com. 



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