Federal Judge Strikes Arkansas’ 12-Week Abortion Ban

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KTHV – A federal judge has struck down Arkansas’ attempt to ban most abortions beginning 12 weeks into a woman’s pregnancy, saying viability, not a heartbeat, remains the key factor in determining whether abortions should be allowed.

U.S. District Judge Susan Webber Wright last year had stopped enforcement of the law.

The Republican-controlled Legislature passed it over Democratic Gov. Mike Beebe’s objections. The judge made her decision final Friday.

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  • happy happy happy

    What we need is education for our teens to help them understand “why” it is not a good idea to become a teen parent. Of course parents would need to be on-board with this education and stop glorifying “oh, I’m gonna be a grandma”. Read the story about the teen boy who bit the nose off his 1 month old child because the child was crying. If we had education, we might not have to be worrying about abortion for our teens and young adults

  • Mike Boatman

    “…saying viability, not a heartbeat, remains the key factor in determining whether abortions should be allowed.”
    Would the baby be viable if he/she remained in the womb? Judges cannot morally decide in favor of infanticide

  • Sarah 1

    This is still a free country last time I checked, not ruled by race or religion. Read the Constitution. That is the reason our forefathers left England to begin a new country was because of religious rule.

    I find it tragic that young girls are impregnated by men, yet food stamps are declining, welfare is being cut off, and and Head Start Programs are seen withering with lack of decent financial help.

    If you don’t want young girls with child then give them birth control pills and furnish men with the appropriate covering as well. Free of charge. That would immediately end some of this misery.

    People have had relations since the beginning of time and it isn’t about to change.

    Now, what is your solution? Sticking your head in the sand and pretending it isn’t happening does not work.

    • Mark Smith

      Sarah, your blinded by your sense of power in womenns rights. What about the sanctaty of life? Shouldn’t your life protected? Why should your life protected and others not?

      • Sarah 1

        Sanctity of life encompasses many attributes. Caring for the child after birth is one of them. Young lady is with child, society does not help her, and the child is born and has a miserable upbringing. We all have heard stories of children not having enough food, clothing and shelter.
        Again, I say, preventing the birth with controlled methods will avoid some misery. Thank you for your comment but you offer no solution or recompense. It is you who is wearing blinders.

    • Mike Boatman

      “yet food stamps are declining, welfare is being cut off, and and Head Start Programs are seen withering with lack of decent financial help.”
      Sarah, your allegations do not agree with reality. Social support, both government and private have been expanding yearly.
      Lack of support is no excuse to murder a child.
      I’d be delighted to accept a baby the mother does not want, there are thousands of homes for unwanted babies

      • Sarah 1

        Don’t drink the koolaid Mike. On Feb. 10th the President signed a bill to restore Head Start funding that sequestration had severely reduced. If you don’t think welfare amounts paid each month are decreasing ask the people lining up outside of DHS. In addition, food stamps were shockingly reduced by thirty-six billion by the Congress. Just type in a few words and get some real facts.
        I am very thankful for the Affordable Care Act but it does not feed babies as well as families and the Congress would rather spend fifty billion with defense contractors than taking care of our people. Oh wait, that’s because lobbyists are padding the politicians wallets and PAC funds. Wink wink.

  • Sarah 1

    Misogyny is disguised under many forms. Religious control of women’s bodies is one of them. I hope I live to see the future when women control men’s bodies especially since we totally outnumber the men.
    A matriarchal society is much more peaceful and calm and certainly fear of the bogeyman will be eliminated.
    Women get out and vote!

  • Mark Smith

    Sarah, your positions are nothing more than mental masturbation out of which you derive a sense of power. Children are supported! A point of mental clarity for you… Would you not call the fire department if a house was on fire and people were inside? Would u not try to do what u could until arrived? Your position would have u consider, well it’s likely that they are burned and disfigured – they’d be better off dead so I won’t call the fire department. Doesn’t wash does it?

  • Sarah 1

    Your comment is deplorable. Shame on you.
    Doctors not politicians or governments as a whole should make decisions about women’s health. Next thing you know the Congress will be deciding who deserves kidney dialysis or heart stents.
    The men who are voting against abortion laws will never be with child. If the law in this circumstance applied to men then welcome aboard, but it doesn’t so hit the next exit. This ties closely with women owning property, voting and showing skin in public. Spend your time helping orphans.
    Women beware because some men want us barefoot and pregnant with no rights.
    In reference to your statement about calling the fire department, so ridiculous although I hope you would have your home insured. Why should we insure homes and cars and lives and Republicans so aghast at health insurance?
    Stick to the facts not rhetoric.

    • Mark Smith

      Knew ur true colors would emerge. U have a lifetime to discover the errors of your ways. Yet u are depriving others of the same opportunity.

  • Sarah 1

    First of all you write nonsense. why not make declarative statements?My true colors? Woman, Liberal, Democrat, Freedom of Choice. I have a lifetime to discover the error of my ways? Maybe you should be thinking of your own span of life and your decisions.
    I am depriving not one person of anything. I choose to not make choices for others. Why not try that as well? Sometimes a different narrative can change your narrow opinions.

    • Mike Boatman

      Sarah does not seem so interested in the human toll murdering babies takes, I can only guess she is an activist for the democrat party. Tossing out the anti-male retoric and “women’s health” smoke screens and exaggerated “cuts” in social spending is likely an effort to inprove democrat candidate’s chances in the coming election.
      The stench of B.S. surrounds Sarah’s posts

  • Sarah 1

    Mike as you are named, smoke screens? Anti-male rhetoric, women’s health are not smoke screens. To control women is a smoke screen.

    Stop men from getting women pregnant if you have serious credibility in stopping abortion. You continually call names, talk demeaningly, and expect women to follow your advice. I think not. You offer no solutions.

    If most of our great nation agreed with you, abortion would not have been legalized.

    I also earnestly believe if we were face to face you would to make these insulting remarks. I cannot believe this news website allows your genre of talk towards anyone.

    I always remember what my Mother taught me. When men or women have nothing good to say and call names and be derisive, that is their level of intelligence.

  • Sarah 1

    Where did I call names?

    And where is your solution? Are you going to finally suggest to men to stop having relations with women without protection?

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