Police Check On Sex Offenders As Spring Break Looms

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Multiple agencies in Sebastian and Crawford counties conducted a sex offender compliance operation this week in preparation for keeping the community safe during spring break, according to the U.S. Marshals Service.

Operation "Safe Break" confirmed compliance with 452 offenders, checking on them to make sure they are following all sex offender requirements, according to the U.S. Marshals Service.

Authorities made four arrests during the operation, which involved non-compliance with sex offender registration. Officers will also be seeking warrants on another 10 offenders not arrested during the operation but who appear to be in non-compliance with their registry, according to a statement released by the U.S. Marshals Service.

Sex offender are required to notify law enforcement if they move. Failure to properly register can send the offenders to jail.

Investigator Philip Pevehouse with the Sebastian County Sheriff's Office said there were 68 registered sex offenders in their area, and all were accounted for.

Pevehouse said there was one offender who said she was living in Sebastian County and is not. A warrant is being issued for her arrest.

Pevehouse said deputies believe the woman is residing in Washington County.

"We have put our sex offender duties as a priority, and people are encouraged to check our website, which shows where sex offenders live in our area,"  said Sebastian County Sheriff Bill Hollenbeck.  “The mapping and address feature found on the website pinpoints exactly where an offender lives."

Pevehouse said residents can click here and search on in their area.

Pevehouse said letters go out to neighborhoods where high-level offenders live, or officers knock on doors and notify people in the area of the offender.

Local law enforcement websites can serve as valuable tools where people can sign up for free automatic email and text notifications informing them if an offender moves into the area, authorities said.

In the City of Van Buren, residents can text “VANBURENPD” to 888-777 and they will automatically be put on the alert service for that area.  The Crawford County Sheriff's Office and the Fort Smith Police Department both have similar databases to check for offenders in the area.

Crawford County Sheriff Ron Brown encouraged everyone to have a fun and safe spring break, saying, “Knowledge is power, and knowing where the registered sex offenders reside in your area can help you make the best choices for safe and enjoyable spring break activities.”


  • ozarkobjectivefodder

    No other nation in the world has this kind or type of big brother tracking and privacy invasion tactics by an obsessive police state government, yet you love it when think you feel safe because these people are supposedly marked on a map. Ask yourself, do you feel safe? I don’t. Perhaps one percent of this people are truly an outward threat to anyone other than themselves, and that’s only if they’re in a conducive environment, most likely a family situation, where they’d be considered a viable threat to any minors or adults.

  • ozarkobjectivefodder

    Many of these aren’t pedophiles, they’re people that made bad decisions, in many cases non patterned behavioral acts, but happened to be caught in the act or acted out foolishly only to have their lives changed, marked and tarnished forever. I’m much more afraid of a burglar or serial murderer than these people. Society is incessant on sexual crimes yet prime time television, the entire entertainment industry as well as fashion and media promote the lascivious behavior which leads to psychological personality disorders which ultimately leads to immorality and perversity.

    • Valerie Parkhurst

      Bad decisions ozark is putting too much pepper in the soup, not sexually assaulting persons the law specifically spells out is a CRIME. Offenders “vacated” the American dream as soon as they decided “getting off” with those the law “spells out” is illegal. Persons like yourself seemed to have blurred the “chicken or the egg” concept. Minors and or the Vulnerable trump your place in line for the American Dream the day you became an adult and or violated anothers personal sexual/physical boundaries according to the laws of this land. Live with it.

  • ozarkobjectivefodder

    Society is the fault and no one wants to take the blame collectively. Fact is, these people are victims also. They acted out because they’ve been programmed to act out. Social behavior is subtle conditioning of the citizenry’s mind. Simply put, case studies indicate that most of these people were only a threat to those who they knew, not some predatorily monster as the moralist have suggested through the sensationalized media. Listening to some of you, you’d have them all intentionally and purposefully euthanized or otherwise castrated.

  • objectivefodder

    The society can rest assured that there is clear and blatant sexual discrimination and social class division with obvious socio-economic damning on these people because none of them will ever be able to have a successful life working for most companies, much less striving to live the American dream. And what’s sad it that most of you could care less. Really Christian of you, huh?

  • Sean

    Will you guys please pull “ozarkobjectivefodder’s” ISP info and send it to the police so they can keep an eye on him before he rapes or molests more kids. Very few make these kinds of excuses for pedophiles except other pedophiles (and he does it over and over)

  • lawyerandlegaladvisor

    Sean I would strongly advise you to curb your incessant fascist hostility. In this day and age of NSA monitoring and prejudicial retaliation, your clear and present vitriolic subtle threats might tip off the following…NSA, FBI, COINTELPRO as well as the ACLU and the SPLC (The Southern Poverty Law Center).

    • Valerie Parkhurst

      Who the hell do you think your Bluffing “lawyerandlegaladvisor”” seriously is that the new strategy for Pro-offender groups to inhibit speech? You freaks crack me up. I got lawyers that would eat you for breakfast..Consider you’ve been warned.

  • lawyerandlegaladvisor

    For what it’s worth, the commenter’s statements never insinuated, in any form or fashion, anything to do with promoting, endorsing or condoning any type of criminal behavior by any one type of absconder. However, your comments may very well be mildly interpreted as negligible innuendo perhaps construed as hate.

  • lawyerandlegaladvisor

    The sensationalizing of America with emotionally charged programming has worked. The automatic demonization of men and women with sexual offenses and purposeful fear mongering has indeed worked. The penetration of immorality via the media, namely primetime network television, the motion picture industry and the music industry has worked to alter & create the proclivity of an otherwise immoral dysfunctional modern day family. Single mothers are partly to blame. No dad=no safety.

  • ozarkobjectivefodder

    You are correct. Women socialize men. Without a normal matrimonial equilibrium, the traditional family has no way to thrive but accepting vulnerability. The revolving door of partners and extended families creates the perfect hatchery for perversion. As I mentioned in my first rant, society made the bed, now you have to live with it. The monsters have been unleashed and born because you failed to keep the institution sealed and protected.

  • ozarkobjectivefodder

    Fact is, most victims already knew the person who offended them-which makes my point full circle, your own family and extended families are the individuals you can’t trust apparently. Statistics indicate a majority of victims knew their offender.

  • lawyerandlegaladvisor

    I’d recommend those of you first take the same amount of energy defending your platform of retaliatory justice as you seek out retribution and channel that same energy fighting the clear unmistakable messages inundating our nation’s youth subtle mind-control and programming of acceptance of alternative lifestyles, feminization and otherwise societal conditioning of children being born and brought up in a fatherless environment.

  • FRegistryTerrorists

    Excellent waste of resources that protected no one and that will certainly lead to retaliation, possibly criminal even. These criminal regimes are unbelievably stupid. Perhaps they should listen to experts every once in a while? Or I suppose they think they are the experts. Does anyone believe their propaganda and think Spring Break is now going to be magically safer? Funny stuff.

    For the people who support this kind of big government idiocy, why have you failed so miserably to get the rest of your Registries created? Please, really, do tell us why. Don’t you care about children?

    • objectivefodder

      I can’t wait until the authorities have registries for you fascist Nazi’s who have religious affiliation and political affiliation as well as creed, sexual orientation and genealogy as well as color persuasion. I’m kidding. Don’t you get the message? You just openly invited society, namely an egregious overzealous hungry government to spy and control your very own lives with this kind of disposition. You clearly don’t know Orwellian tactics or you’re just plain stupid. Boo-hoo, the gubberment please help me…I can’t protect my children…sniff sniff. I need to know everything about everyone living nearest me. Paranoia? You fools are pathetic.

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