Bentonville Students Make Up Snow Days With Saturday School

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Students in Bentonville made up their third snow day on Saturday (Mar. 15), out of the thirteen they’ve missed this winter.

Ardis Ann Middle School Principal Steve Hesselberg and his faculty took a different approach with their students to get them excited about school on Saturday. Students did thematic units throughout the day in their math, science, social studies and literacy classes. The sixth graders focused on the Revolutionary War, and the fifth graders learned about World War II.

“If it’s World War II, students in math were comparing the percentage of the Jewish people that were killed,” Hesselberg said. “In social studies students were reading a children’s book about the holocaust, so it all really tied together well.”

Hesselberg said carrying the themes throughout the day not only allowed students to apply what they are learning to all of their courses, but also encouraged students to participate during a six-day school week.

“Instruction is still going on it’s just a little bit different,” he said.

Hesselberg said 77 percent of their students showed up to class. Some of them had to leave early, but the school counted staying half the day as a full day.


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