Nathan Smith Discusses Benton County Prosecutor Race

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In this segment from "5NEWS Sunday Morning," Managing Editor Larry Henry and Nathan Smith, a Benton County deputy prosecuting attorney, discuss his race for the elected prosecuting attorney position in the county.

Smith is running in the nonpartisan May 20 election against Rogers attorney Kimberly Weber.

Prosecuting Attorney Van Stone is not seeking re-election.


  • WeberforProsecutor

    I have confirmed that no one associated with my campaign made or ever would make such a post “greedy”. Nor would anyone associated with me ever even consider such an offensive screen bane. Kimberly R. Weber

  • JR Gibbs

    The news media should require a real name from anybody posting on their sites and delete outragious threads and ban those posting such trash. I reported 2 threads yesterday and nothing was done. It takes a childish coward to post anything under a vulgur moniker. I’d think the person posting may have some legal liabilty? It’s obviously nothing but slander. I world suggest candidates control your people so “We the People” can make an informed decision and not clouded with such garbage. By the way, I don’t know either candidate.

  • kathy brown

    You dont have enough money to brib the business or you would be on the news station also thats a lose right off the top the only one that will vote for you is your friend

  • smith4prosecutor

    weber is scared she might lose a vote and jr gibblet is some angry little hobbit trying to defend her… northwest ar. politics is based on who payed who to stuff the ballot…

    • JR Gibbs

      I’m offering a reward for anyone that can identify smith4prosecutor or the white lady.You may contact me at facebook under my name. Thank you.

  • Phyl1

    Hey Van Comer and Rick Bagley,
    I posted this comment earlier tonight and now, ALL the comments have disappeared from your website. My money is on Larry Henry since he’s the rogue keeping this non-story alive. Either keep you web comments open for all or don’t let a pariah like Henry make his vendetta into news, please. Ask him about his psychotic desire to work in the Journalism department. Thanks for your attention to this matter.


    Your online story:
    Top Pick To Lead University Of Arkansas Ethics Center Lacks Ethics Experience

    My post:
    Since we are just being honest, Taylor, the real story is that Larry Henry is disgruntled that he did not make the cut for 2 jobs in the Journalism Dept. What you have is a case of sour grapes. He has a reputation as a vendetta-driven, toxic hack and that’s why he did not get the jobs! Do his bosses at Channel 5 even know that he’s trying to get a job while he’s on the Big Nickel’s nickel? That’s ethical, Larry!
    He is also being fed sensitive and executive session search committee information from his mother-in-law, Phyllis Miller, who sometimes teaches AD/PR classes, on the rare occasion she shows up for work. THIS is what’s so wrong with tenure! She and her colleague, Jan Wicks, were mad that their chosen candidate for the Ethics Professor job did not get the job. End of story! They are sure some ethical Journalists; oops, they’re only hacks, not Journalists, having NEVER practiced the craft.
    What gets me is why the Journalism faculty has to be maligned with these attacks and they CAN’T fight back because they’re ethical professionals. It would be like having a pissing contest with a skunk. You might win the argument, but the ugliness of this non-story keeps hanging around, just like a skunk’s stench.
    Most of the folks there are ethical, qualified, former journalists with tons of experience in the profession. Maybe they don’t have PhDs like Miller and Wicks, but if having that degree somehow makes you MORE qualified or ethical to teach, take my degree in Journalism away!
    Go find some “real” news, Channel 5! There’s no story here, just a bunch of sour grapes!
    However, your story about your reporter getting a DWI- now, that’s some hard-hitting news!

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