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Woman Found Dead Near Booneville Apartment Complex

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A woman’s body was discovered Monday (March 17) near an apartment complex in Booneville, according to the Logan County Sheriff’s Office.

She was identified as 46-year-old Regina Fitzjurls.

After examining the body at a nearby funeral home, authorities do not suspect foul play at this time.

The woman’s body was found face down near an apartment complex on Eastwood Drive near Arkansas 10, officials said.

The woman appears to be about 50 years old, said Booneville Police Chief Albert Brown.

Brown said a local ambulance service has had to pick the woman up before after she overdosed on pills.

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  • Bewildered

    She was identified as ….who is 47. The woman appears to be about fifty. What ever happened to good journalism? One comment or the other fits in the story but not both.

  • tony

    Nobody needs to be rude about this. I knew her she is my cousins mom. Amazing lady. Rip gone but never forgotten. People need to keep their rude comments to their self.

  • Friend

    I agree adding that she had previously overdosed does nothing to enhance this story, this beautiful kind hearted woman was my friend, and she has a large and loving family who are absolutely devastated at this news, this article will do nothing but add to their pain… Disgusting

    • Shannon Binyon

      I agree that adding the overdose remark and they added a similar remark to their later broadcast….These comments add nothing worthy to the story but to I guess in some way enhance Channel 5’s ego. Years ago, I use to give stories to Channel 5 for narcotics arrest, when I was working narcotics in Fort Smith, but I started dodging their reporters after I was burned many times by them not reporting what I told them. They seemed to always twist the story to suit them. And one time I asked them to not post my face because I was doing some undercover work. What did they do…they posted my face, so I never gave them another story. Don’t believe them.

  • Anonymous

    A person with a history of drug use is found deceased. Maybe, just maybe, it is indeed relevant to the story. It will prevent others from wondering if a murderer is out wandering somewhere. Unfortunately, Booneville is a town plagued with drug abuse. May her family and friends find peace during this devastating incident. However, there is no reason to attack the news station. They didn’t create the facts, they just report on them.

  • Caring person

    The ON-AIR comments by Darren Bobb were the most deplorable, saying that this lady had a history of drugs…??? This gives most people the impression that she was a crackhead, etc. when actually all of her medications were prescribed and Channel 40/20 interviewed a police officer that said they believed a medical condition caused her to be outside at night ultimately leading to her death. NOW that is the way to report it, not to report information from the first responders that is confidential in the first place! My channel is changed for good!

  • Offended and Hope They Sue You

    It appears that Chief Brown shared some personal information about this lady. He should be fired. The reporter that gathered information and deliberately caused further harm to a family overwhelmed by the untimely death of a loved one should resign! This lady was portrayed as a druggie when in fact all of her medication was prescribed. You sure didn’t report that! Irresponsible reporting and broadcasting for sensationalism! Shame on all of you loosers! I hope the family has the good sense to sue you you all and I hope I get jury duty!

    • takeoneevryfourhours

      Were you there everyday when she takes her precribed drugs? Was she taking the drugs the way the bottle said to? Sounds like she was abusing drugs, which happens all the time in this country.

  • Family

    All for ratings! What about innocent until proven guilty? Again are you a Dr Albert Brown? Nope you are not and your comments will not be taken likely. No drug screen and no autopsy as of yet and further more our family would appreciate you keep your personal opinion to yourself.

  • Justice

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with reporting she was a drug abuser. Anybody with any sense knows a 47yr old didn’t die of natural causes and because of this report, at least the community doesn’t have to wonder if there is a murderer on the loose.

      • bob

        funny how people here defend this and claim no street drugs was involed! It dosent matter if u got the drugs off the street out of the trash or behind the counter at the pharmecy. There all DRUGS and its all bad for u when u absue them hell there bad for u if u don’t absue them. And i know plenty of perscrip drugs that are street drugs alot of booneville junkies sell there scrip’s there in that town.

  • tah

    This family deserves an apology…You all need to put yourself in the situation what if that was your mom, grandma, sister would you report like this?? I was a 5 viewer but no longer!!

  • JDW

    I understand wanting to report the news, however don’t you think you should wait until the family knows! And if it was a part of your family just think how you would feel…..

  • bob

    funny how people here defend this and claim no street drugs was involved! It doesn’t matter if u got the drugs off the street out of the trash or behind the counter at the pharmacy. There all DRUGS and its all bad for u when u abuse them hell there bad for u if u don’t abuse them. And i know plenty of prescript drugs that are street drugs alot of Booneville junkies sell there scrip’s there in that town.

    • Family

      This lady was my family. And there might have been time she mad bad decisions but this isn’t one of them. This was clearly an accident. She did not commit suicide. She drowned In the creek. To all you low lifes assuming stuff get your facts straight. She was a wonderful daughter, sister, mother, and grandmother. It’s sad to see so few people with hearts that actually care for our family.

  • Mayor of Spoonville

    It’s very sad to hear news of someone’s death like this. The media is only trying to get the scoop & get better ratings than fellow competitor KHBS, which they’ve done a very poor job indeed. BPD Chief Brown should be sued by the family & fired. The ambulance service that disobeyed privacy laws should also be reprimanded. To the ignorant post by “bob,” you should learn to spell and leave your hideous comments to your farm animals in Sugar Grove / Dry Creek. This story is very distasteful & I am sorry the family of Regina has to hear this kind of nonsense.
    As for the city of Spoonville, we all know what goes on there & we all know, or should wake up to the fact that the BPD is well aware of the issues but turn a blind eye to them. Albert Brown & his predecessor have all been guilty of bribery from the local leg breakers of Spoonville.
    My prayers go out to the families of Regina, God bless.

    • blood relative from sugar grove

      I’m her family and I’m from sugar grove and don’t appreciate any rudeness everyone needs to stop this it was an accident now give us piece and comfort let it be

  • tony

    Wow. Can you people just shut up? Her family is reading the rude stuff you are all putting. Just give them peace & comfort they need it right now. I’m not tryin to get anyone to jump on me but my goodness seems like people always have messed up stuff to say. This woman just died & instead of caring or saying prayers or something it’s all how she was a druggie. Well she she wasn’t. I’m praying for the whole family!

  • Friend

    47 years olds die of natural causes that are not drug related, as a matter of fact my father had a massive heart attack and died at 47, my best friend had a stroke and died at 39, neither were drug related AT ALL, and from what I have heard from the family my friend Regina DROWNED. She was not a druggie, she was a relatively young woman with multiple health issues, the people who don’t know her or the situation should be ashamed of themselves for passing judgements based on a sorry excuse of a “news” article…

  • Marie hutchison

    Your right ,every time someone dies they got to put a remark on the notice that is hurtful to the family ,I don’t know her ,so it’s none of my biz what she did or didn’t do ,and most of us feel that way . some respect for the families would be more of a goal then hurting them even more!m

  • Connie

    I didn’t know Regina, but my prayers and condolences go out to her family and friends.. I have seizures and have to take medication.. I know what I have been through with the medical people and pd here… They think your a druggie, even when its a seizure and They treat you as such.. I am so sorry for your loss, and fully understand where your coming from as far as them wrongfully accusing folks with there own opinions…

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