City Leaders to Discuss Urban Agriculture Ordinance

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Fayetteville city leaders will meet tonight(March 18) to discuss a proposed ordinance that would allow people to raise animals in urban areas; such as chickens, ducks, bees, and goats.

Feed Fayetteville and Fayetteville for Local Food came up with the idea behind the ordinance.

Some residents are worried allowing animals to roam freely, will affect the value of their property.

"A couple of concerns raised are related to property values and the potential that this could negatively affect property values", said Peter Nierengarten, the Director of Sustainability and Strategic Planning, "We really haven't seen any evidence of that in any other communities that we've looked at across the country, in fact what we've seen is a trend that is the opposite."

City leaders clarify restrictions will be place to keep residents' property values from declining.

The City Planning Commission has already approved the urban agriculture concept. Now the Fayetteville City Council will have to sign off on the measure.