Death Row Inmate’s Execution Date Delayed in Oklahoma

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The execution date for two death row inmates is being pushed back in Oklahoma.

Clayton Lockett and Charles Warner were set to be put to death this month on capital murder convictions. But, officials said because of a shortage of drugs needed to carry out lethal injection, a delay is expected.

“I think they need to do something,” said Oklahoma resident Casey Franks.  “If they set an execution date, they need to go through with it.”

According to court papers, the two convicted killers are suing the state saying they want to know more about the drugs that would be used to kill them.

This week the Oklahoma Attorney General`s office said the state doesn't have the drugs to complete lethal injection.

“I know electrocution, it`s another option,” said Franks.

But some in Oklahoma disagree.

“I don`t think actually killing anybody is a good thing,” said Oklahoma resident Katie Thompson.

The state said a pharmacy agreeing to provide the Oklahoma Department of Corrections with lethal drugs backed out last week. The state said many of the drugs needed to perform the execution are only available overseas.

“I do think it should be more humane,” said Thompson.

Lockett was convicted in a 1999 shooting death. Warner was found guilty in the 1997 rape and murder of his girlfriend's 11-month-old daughter.


  • concerned citizen

    Why are you showing two inmates and the headline denotes singular inmate. Should be inmates’
    I’m going to flag this post myself, hoping someone there can correct it.

  • contractor

    Holy cow people!!!! They both killed someone. One of them raped and killed an eleven year old girl for cryin out loud! Where is her justice? Please stop defending the monsters and do the right thing. “More humain”? Just kill him any way possible!

  • concerned citizen

    Hang them, electrocute them, use a firing squad. Where does it say that they have to be “humanely” executed? How much humanity did they show their victims? These scumbags have already been given 15-17 years more life than they deserve.

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