Neighbor Saves 2 From House Fire; Dogs Make It Out Alive

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A neighbor rescued two men from a burning home in Springdale on Tuesday afternoon. Three dogs---Smokey, Baby Cakes and Precious---also made it out alive.

Matthew Cross lives behind the home on Davis Avenue that caught fire, and said when he saw the flames, he tried to put them out with a fire extinguisher.

"The wind hit the area and within seconds. The whole house was up in flames," he said.

That's when Cross said he tried to get into the home.

"I wasn't really thinking much at all," he said. "Adrenaline just kind of kicked in. Right after I put my shoulder into the door, I thought I may get into trouble for hitting that door."

Meanwhile, Cross said his dad called for help.

Fire officials said they were able to get the flames under control about 20 minute after arriving on-scene.

"There's significant damage inside the house," said Capt. David Kissinger with the Springdale Fire Department. "With the wind accelerating the fire, it moved quickly into the house."

Fire officials said the home is not a total loss.

Bob Barnes was inside the home, and said he feels lucky that no one was hurt.

"I'm glad the dogs made it out O.K.," he said. "We made it out O.K. too because of the neighbors banging on the door."

Family members said it could have been much worse if their neighbors had not been there.

"It means the world," said Mike Pope. "It's just a blessing from God."

Cross said he is no hero.

"There's plenty of people that would've done the same thing that I did," he said. "I am just glad one of them was home."

The homeowner said the family's three dogs are in good condition, but their guinea pig Snowball did not make it out alive. The family’s fish also died in the fire.

The homeowner said the house is insured, and an insurance agent is working on a housing solution for the family.


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