Teen Threatened To Shoot Everyone At School, Sheriff Says

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A Sebastian County teenager is behind bars after deputies say he threatened to shoot everyone at Hartford High School, according to a news release from the Sebastian County Sheriff's Office.

"It's pretty crazy," said Hartford parent March Harris. "I never thought it would happen in this local town like this."

The 16-year-old boy was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of first-degree terroristic threatening. His name was not released by the Sheriff's Office.

The teenager allegedly told two other students at the high school on Friday that if there were no rules, he would bring a gun to school and shoot everyone. Deputies were notified of the situation by a teacher who called authorities, according to the Sheriff's Office.

"It's happening all over the world," said Hartford resident Margaret Lewis, lamenting the number of school shootings and scares at schools. "But you don't expect it to happen close to you."

Deputies investigated the incident and interviewed the teenager, later arresting him.


  • bob

    give me a break! That is so stupid im sure the kid was theorically speaking. hell if there was no RULES i would rob banks shot everyone and blow up the world. LOL but there is rules so thats never going to happen.

    • Ft Smith

      How are they supposed to decide which kid to listen to and which ones not to listen to? Considering how the kids of this generation act you have to take things seriously. Maybe he needs to learn a lesson about making any type of threat against anyone or anything.

      • Christie Barker

        Well said Ft Smith. They should take everyone seriously, because you never know. I worry all the time about this old world & what is becoming of it. Prayer helps me deal with it. I have grandkids out there.

  • CF

    It shows this kids mind set and the way he thinks. Maybe not this time but later in life he may kill some one or family member or co-workers. This is not to be taken lighty. His thinking is wrong. I wonder how many animals he’s killed growing up? What’s next with this person who wants to kill all the people at the school. Sounds like he’s been bullied.

  • Hartford native

    Well what is sad is there have been shootings in this town and there are threats. BUT you never see county…. or a cop at all until something has already happened. This town needs to be monitored a little better. They need police patrolling. Every one knows hartford has trouble with drugs and crime. PLEASE do something about it.

  • BigJohn

    This doesn’t sound like terroristic threatening to me. If he actually said “if there were no rules” he would do this, that’s a whole lot different than saying he’s going to do it, making an actual threat. this is just voicing his frustration, and it is my understanding that this boy is in special ed because he is mentally retarded and has other issues. He’s slow and low functioning and constantly picked on. If all he did was say that if there were no rules he would kill everybody, counselling might be in order but he is not guilty of a crime for voicing his frustration.

  • jman

    My previous comment is awaiting moderation so apparently someone doesn’t like having the truth told….so I’m going to tell you some more truth…I’ve lived in hartford for the past 10 years and since I’ve been here I’ve seen all kinds of shit…This town thrives on drugs I mean hell the Mayors son is doing life in federal prison for drug trafficking…..and for being such a small town the crime rate here is unreal…..Hartford in general isn’t a bad town, the country side is beautiful but something has to be done here..

  • Stacy

    He need hlep and the boy that yall are talking about my have said that but I know him he would never do that but I get it its not ok to say things like that and why didn’t they call anyone and why didn’t the kids he tell say anything to anyone thats what I what to know

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