Suspect Found Guilty In Taxi Cab Robbery Involving Machete

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A jury on Tuesday afternoon found Alberto Delatorre guilty of being an accomplice to aggravated robbery and theft of property after deliberating in Washington County Circuit Court. He received a sentence of 10 years in prison and a $250 fine.

Delatorre was one of three men who robbed a taxi cab driver July 19, according to Fayetteville police. Another suspect in the case, Javaughntaiye Willis, is accused of holding a machete to the driver’s throat during the robbery, according to a preliminary report from the Washington County Prosecutor’s Office.

The aggravated robbery charge carried a sentence of 10 to 40 years in prison or life in prison. The theft of property charge carried a potential sentence of up to six years in prison or a $250 fine. The jury recommended the minimum sentence on each charge, and Judge William Storey followed the jurors’ recommendations.

Willis’ case is set for trial April 14 in Circuit Court. He is also charged with being an accomplice to aggravated robbery and theft of property, according to court documents.

Delatorre, Willlis and a 17-year-old boy were arrested shortly after the robbery, according to Fayetteville police. A driver for NWA Taxi told police three men came up to his taxi, one wielding a machete and demanded money.  The three allegedly took the driver’s money, wallet, and cell phone, according to the taxi company.

The theft victim called Fayetteville police after the robbery.

Police investigated the incident and arrested one of the suspects at a home on Betty Jo Drive in Fayetteville. He and the other occupants of the home were questioned. Shortly afterward, police had arrested three people in connection with the case.


  • CF

    10 years huh…He will probably do 18 months, then be let out because of over crowding and of course be a worse criminal from being in prison.

    Most we can hope for is that he gets shot breaking in to some ones home.

    Stay tuned.

    • Kylee

      CF, I am disgusted by the way you are talking. YOU sound like a horrible person & a criminal. Who hopes for someone to be shot? I have known Alberto for 5 years. He is a caring and amazing person. He has always been the guy who protects and loves. If you were present in the trial you would have heard the FACTS. Alberto was only PRESENT for the robbery he committed no act in it. The victim of the whole situation even agreed during trial that Alberto did not play a part, he was standing there the whole entire time. The only monster in this case is the man that held the machette, and must I add that Alberto had NOTHING to do with Jaughvantaye Willis before this even happened. He also had no idea that Willis was concealing a machette in his capris. You should attend trials more often if you are the type who is quick to judge.
      The jury was heart broken when they realized that ten years was the minimum they could give him. HALF of the jury was in tears. That is why Alberto was given the minimum sentence.
      I love Alberto and he is innocent. Your comment is hurting his friends and family. Not even the victim of the robbery spoke so poorly of the Alberto. You should be ashamed. I might also assume that you do not have any sons, one could only hope you do not.

    • Jz

      first of how can u say that about him u don’t know him if u would of been in the trial you would see that he was just there yea he could of done the right thing and call the cops but he just witness a crime that he didnt know was going to happen he wasn’t thinking right he’s young and I know that’s not an excuse but sometimes at that age we don’t make the right choices he’s not a criminal or aggressive person he’s a very very sweet and loving person I trust him with my own kids my 1yrold loves him to death he would never hurt anybody he’s capable of many things but not this he was just around the wrong people yea nobody forces him to do anything but he seen how Willis put a machete against someones throat what if he did try to run a tell someone what would of happen to him then, he’s not a bad person at all everyone and anybody that now’s him or get to knows him and adores and we know he wouldn’t ever do something likes this so don’t judge and say something just because of what you see put yourself in his position

  • Jessica delatorre

    My little brother is one of THE MOST AMAZING AND WONDERFUL PERSONS GOD COULD EVER BRING TO THIS WORLD he’s not this criminal they put him as he’s always been mine and my kids protector we miss and love him so much

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