Home Invasion In Sequoyah County Falsely Reported

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Deputies have learned that a potential home invasion in Sallisaw was falsely reported following a domestic dispute, according to the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office.

One man is in jail accused of assault in the incident.

A woman called authorities last night to report two men had broken into a home in Sallisaw, and upon further investigation, deputies discovered the altercation began as a domestic dispute and no burglary was committed.

Thomas Condit has been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. Deputies say that Condit and his wife were recently separated, and Condit was living with the couple's minor child. Last night, Condit and the minor visited the home where Condit's wife was residing.

She and Condit got into an altercation outside of the home which left bruises on the woman.

The minor child then entered the home and got into an altercation with a man inside  causing minor injuries to the male subject, authorities say.

Both of the injured parties declined medical attention, and investigators say a shot was fired inside the home but was not directed at any one person.

Authorities say there was no damage inside or outside the home, and nothing was taken. The report will be sent to Oklahoma Juvenile Authority to determine if any charges will be brought against the minor.


  • bob

    Phew good thing this happend in okla cause they have the “Stand Your Ground Law” as to arkansas the victim would had been booked or atempted murder in that backwards a$$ state

  • Justice

    It’s legal in Arkansas to use lethal force during a home invasion. So before you start chiming in on a state law you should maybe try to read. You know, left to right, top to bottom, group words together in sentences. This may prove to be difficult for you, but try.

    • bob

      Well we will let u be the guinne pig on that there. Yes officer he broke into my home but i shot him outside on the street by his car he drove up on also we had a beef in the past. Good luck with that buddy i know how crooked your states justice system is and its all up to the pigs rather not if its illegal or legal.

  • atc8824

    Just think if Obama took guns away from American’s then the home owner might have been beaten or worse.Thank God for the second amendment.

    • Bradley

      Obama has never suggested taking guns away from home owner’s just a bunch of folks that stand to make a profit off selling guns and some folks that believe anything they hear. Good Marketing plan though. By the way atc8824 when did you quit beating your spouse? Same type statement just more personal.

      • atc8824

        If I can beat up my(I am a woman) spouse then HE not much of a man lol
        It start’s with let’s ban this gun,then goes to let’s ban that gun until finally the homeowner’s have nothing and criminals run wild.Obama scares me in general not just on the gun issue.

  • jack

    I would like to know where they found the truck. My wife and kids are all at home on spring break and I have to work. I think it would be useful information to know what area it was found and which direction they fled.

  • mike

    The gun was fired inside the house if it happend
    in Arkansas it would be legal also
    the gun was not fired at anybody

    • Don

      I suppose you would defend yourself with a pr. of scissors, or maybe a ball point pen? The only unsafe guns are in the criminals and dummies hands. If one of those tries to break into my home, they will be met with my gun in their face. We all have rights to defend ourselves and families.

  • john

    It was fake. Just like 98% of home invasions are fake, or it would be drug related.

    Of course as our area continues to grow, real crime will increase.

    I read that 1/2 of all store robberies are fake, “inside jobs”.

    Why waste tax payer resources.

    Send those people a bill.

    • John

      Where do you keep reading that half to the majority of crimes reported are false? Can I give “facts” like that on a news site? Sweet! & why are drug-related home invasions, not still home invasions according to you?

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