Benton County Man Gets 60 Years In Child Sex Case

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A Benton County man received a 60-year federal prison sentence Wednesday after police say they found a video of him fondling a boy and 12 videos of him sexually assaulting a girl.

Glen Baughman, 24, of Decatur, was sentenced in federal court in Fayetteville to 60 years in prison without parole. He will also be supervised for 25 years upon his release. The court also levied a $25,000 fine against Baughman, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Fort Smith.

Investigators with the Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce in Northwest Arkansas searched Baughman’s home last June and confiscated multiple computers, cell phones and digital storage devices. Authorities said Baughman produced 12 videos of him sexually assaulting an underage girl and one video of him fondling an eight-year-old boy.

Baughman pleaded guilty Oct. 10 to two counts of producing child pornography.


  • john

    He will be out in 3 years for good behavior.

    All they have to do is say they found the Lord and they are then out.

  • David

    In the Federal system a prisoner serves 85% of the sentence they are given. That is 51 years for this person making him 75 when he will be released. The cost? The 2012 cost was $28,948.00 a year, meaning we the taxpayers will spend $1,476,348.00 to house this person. And that does not include medical bills etc as he gets older.

    • lawyerandlegaladvisor

      A young twenty something male put away for life at our expense because of morality and sexuality improprieties and the citizenry feels good. Question is: do you feel safer with him behind bars? At what cost (price) does this come? The penal system profits in our capitalist society when we lock ‘em up for life. But are your children safer?

      • Jamie

        I’m a mom of 3 & with your comment….you need to be investigated for child pornography! No brainer, yes I feel safer with him behind bars!

  • ashley

    I cant believe people are here talking about cost! you must not have children. IF that was your 8 year old son or daughter or even you as a child…I bet you would feel a lot safer with him behind bars!

    • ashley

      and him being out of prison (I hate to break it to ya) is not going to keep you from paying his medical bills!!!!!

    • ozarkobjectivefodder

      Can’t disagree with you Ashley, but wonder why poor parenting isn’t ever discussed? Seems like, and according to statistics, this is true, that a high percentage of all sexual molesters target their victims through family and close acquaintances. How come accountability on behalf of parenting isn’t ever an issue or brought up?

  • Katy Young

    Glenn Baughman, you deserve everything thats coming to you! No mercy for a piece of shit like you.

  • Michael ratledge

    Poor parenting???? this was a police officer and a volunteer fireman in gravette. these are people that our children are taught to trust. they were appointed to a job to protect and serve… no excuse for him or his actions he should have got death

  • lawyerandlegaladvisor

    Our by design Matriarchal dominated pretext of sexual equality continues to control our weak minds. Clearly, Jamie has been programmed and conditioned to quickly attack without merit. Not a good move. Did I hit a nerve (or truth). Stats don’t lie. Single mothers are far greater statistically to be targets of perpetrators. Perhaps admission of your insinuation promotes an indicative awareness. In the Orwellian state, perhaps you as well should be investigated by CPS, could that be Jamie?

  • ozarkobjectivefodder

    The single mommy scenario…Day one: Quick, my children need a daddy. Look, there’s a nice man, he’ll do. Hi! You’re attractive. I’m single and I need a man. Want to take the place of my children’s daddy? Okay thanks! Now children; run along now while mommy fixes dinner. Day two: Oh excuse me, can you look after my children while I go to class & take care of business. Oops, too late, the snare has been set. Epic failure! Can you say permanent irreversible consequential damage? Bad parenting destroys the lives of children and families. Bad choices of mates ultimately lead to potential horrific repercussions.

  • ozarkobjectivefodder

    Parents (especially women) are 100% liable and responsible for anyone they allow near their offspring. Someone failed with allowing this Decatur man into their lives. Trust was broken but who was ultimately responsible? The mother failed. Any family therapist or social worker will tell you the signs. I’d recommend you get your eyes away from prime time television and research being a responsible parent instead. Popular culture has ruined your lives.

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