Drunk Man Backed Over Jogger Who Flipped Off Son, Police Say

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A Centerton man is out of jail after police say he drunkenly backed over a jogger who allegedly flipped off his son.

Thomas Brick Bradford, 51, was arrested Saturday on suspicion of aggravated assault, second-degree battery, reckless driving, driving while intoxicated and public intoxication. He was released Monday from the Benton County Jail on $50,000 bond, according to the Benton County Sheriff’s Office.

Bradford’s arraignment is scheduled for April 21 in Benton County Circuit Court.

Centerton police responded at 7:08 p.m. to an area near the intersection of Sorrento Drive and Messina Way, following a report of a vehicle hitting a pedestrian. Responding officers found Kenneth Wilson, a jogger, covered in blood from head to feet, according to a probable cause report filed in Benton County Circuit Court.

An eyewitness named Shawn Lancaster told police he saw a sport utility vehicle stop while traveling along the road, back up and run over the jogger while going about 40 miles per hour, the report states.

Officers later found a Ford Explorer with its back glass shattered. Police interviewed the owner, Bradford, who told them he was driving his kids to a local pond to fish, when he passed the jogger in the road. The jogger allegedly flipped off his son, so Bradford stopped the vehicle and backed up to see what the problem was, Bradford allegedly told police.

The officer speaking with Bradford noticed a smell of alcohol, and Bradford slurred his words and had watery, bloodshot eyes, according to the preliminary report.

Bradford refused to take a field sobriety test and later had blood drawn to determine if he had been drinking, police said. He was arrested following an interview with investigators.


  • john

    I doubt that the jogger flipped the son off.

    Kids will often lie.

    Any one who runs over an innocent person with a vehicle needs to serve 25 years in prison.

    Of course he will get out of it.

    All he has to do is say he was molested as a child, or blame it on the alcohol store that sold him the alcohol.

  • Leten Uno

    John, you think this guy just decided to stop, drop and roll over an innocent person on the way to fishing with kids.

    You think that a kid lied for no reason and that caused an inebriated man to purposely run over an innocent person? Versus the jogger doing something beyond innocent ? That is a strong reason I would not relay on your judgement even on which toilet paper to use.

    • atc8824

      I am sorry mam but running over somebody because they flipped you off is senseless and the man needs anger management at the least maybe even rehab.I have people flip me off on the road all the time I just smile real and wave that makes them way madder than fighting with the person.If you intentionally run over somebody I would consider that attempted murder.

  • joesumone

    Eyewitness says the SUV backed over the jogger doing 40 MPH? And the jogger lived? Shawn Lancaster is a dumba$$, SUVs won’t go that fast in reverse.

  • Reader

    SUV vehicles CAN approach 40 mph speeds when in reverse. Now, who would back that fast?

    A drunk person. I’m surprised they didn’t press attempted murder on the drunk.

    • joesumone

      In the Ford Explorer, Reverse gear is the same as First gear, it spins in the opposite direction. If you can get an SUV, such as the Ford Explorer, up to 40 MPH then congrats to you and have fun finding a new motor for the SUV.

      • Greg

        Assuming an axle ratio of 3.45/1, a transmission reverse ratio of 3.2/1, and a tire height of 30 inches that puts the engine at ~5000rpm at 40mph in reverse. Completely doable without any adverse effects.

        Of course this is moot. He obviously intended to cause harm. He accomplished what he set out to do. Whether or not the jogger made a rude gesture is also moot. Such gestures have been determined by SCOTUS to be a form of protected speech. As our legal system does not have provisions for citizens dispensing justice outside of the jury box the police and prosecuting attorney need to hold the driver accountable under the law. Prosecutorial discretion will be the determining factor in what he is charged with.

  • AnotherJoggerInCenterton

    Who cares how fast he was going?!? The point is he was drunk driving with kids in the car, ran over someone and could have easily killed the person. I’m betting the jogger probably did flip him off. Most likely the driver almost hit him while driving forward and that’s why he threw the bird. Throw the driver in jail. Charge him with attempted murder or whatever will stick. He’s reckless and a danger to everyone.

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