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Recycling Provides Needed Insulation For Fort Smith Boys Shelter

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The Fort Smith Boys Shelter stay cooler this summer and warmer during the next winter, thanks to recycled glass from Ripple Glass, according to a news release Wednesday.

“Ripple Glass, a glass recycling company, is donating over 7,600 square feet of Owens Corning’s PINK fiberglass insulation to the Boys Shelter at 5904 South Zero in Fort Smith,” the news release states.

The insulation will be delivered at 10 a.m. on Friday (March 21).

In 2012, the Sebastian County Solid Waste District partnering with Davis Iron & Metal, collected nearly 300 tons of glass (nearly 750,000 bottles and jars).

In order to thank residents for their commitment to glass recycling, Ripple Glass donates insulation each year back to communities that recycles significant amounts.

“This year, Boulevard Brewing Company, Davis Iron and Metal and Glazer Distributing are generously providing transportation and storage of the insulation,” the news release states.

Owens Corning manufactures its PINK fiberglass insulation using recycled glass cullet made by Ripple Glass. Using recycled glass to make new insulation saves millions of bottles from the junkyard, lowers energy use and lowers water and air emissions.

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