Arkansas Football Aiming for Higher Level

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2013 was a year to forget for Arkansas football.  This year fans are hoping for a big turnaround and after only a few spring practices, players and coaches have noticed a huge difference.

"I'd say last spring there were so many different mistakes, just mental errors, not being familiar with the offense," said junior quarterback Brandon Allen.  "We've cut back on a lot of that.  It's night and day difference."

"Familiarity.  We talk about it all the time," said offensive coordinator Jim Chaney.  "You know everybody in your room, you know their personalities a little bit better and they know the offense better."

With spring break approaching, these first few practices are important.

"I think it's good for us, to not have too much time off," said Allen.  "Basically we're getting these few practices in, getting our bodies back in practice shape.  Basically get a week off to rest and come back to be fresh for the rest of spring."

Jonathan Williams has added 15 pounds of muscle over the off-season.  His focus is to be a better all around back, including the mental aspect.

"I was in the film room, talking to Knile (Davis) and guys like that about different ways to watch film," said junior running back Jonathan Williams.  "Different ways I could critique my pass on run plays and ways to help pass protect and be a better pass block."

Brandon Allen is the front runner for starting quarterback among the five on the team.  Coach Chaney has seen the drive in Allen to be better.

"We've tried to do everything we can in the last three or four months to achiever higher; to represent the university in a better way.  I know Brandon is doing that better than anybody else right now," said Chaney.  "He wants to get on the field and play and perform at a higher level.  I want to coach at a higher level and that's what we are both trying to get done."

Only time will tell if the Hogs can achieve a higher level but after last season there's only room for improvement.