Springdale Students Make Up Snow Days During Spring Break

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Spring Break was in full swing for school districts in Arkansas, except for some in the area including Springdale, Bentonville, Gentry, Lincoln, Pea Ridge, Siloam Springs and West Fork.

Students in the Springdale School District are making up two snow days, Monday (Mar. 24), and Tuesday (Mar. 25) of their Spring Break.

A grandmother who said she drove several hours to spend the break with her granddaughter, said she was not happy when she heard the news that she had to attend school two days during the week.

"I don't like it because, I come down here to visit with her on Spring Break now I've got to wait until she gets home from school," said Doris Bobst.

The Springdale School District made the decision earlier this year that their students would come in the first two days of Spring Break , instead of adding more Saturday school or making students attend class later in the year.

Rick Shaeffer, communications director for the Springdale School District, said the district wanted to make sure students made up the days before April testing.

One father said he prefers more summer time, "I'm actually partial. I don't like the fact that she has to go during her spring break, however; I would much rather have her go through her Spring Break than at the end of the year, and that's more summer time for us."

A mother said she thought her students needed a break and she felt the school should have considered other options.

Both parents said their students would be in attendance Monday (Mar. 24), and Tuesday (Mar. 25).

According to the School District's website the school will make up it's last snow day on Saturday, April 5.

The student's last day of school will be June 5.

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