Washington County Inmate Claims Deputy Sexually Harassed Him

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The Washington County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an inmate’s allegations of sexual harassment by a jail deputy, although a spokeswoman says evidence so far shows the claim to be unfounded.

A Washington County Detention Center detainee and his lawyer claim a jail deputy grabbed his own groin and taunted the inmate. The detainee also said a deputy kicked him, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Kelly Cantrell said administrative officials have reviewed video and audio of the incident, and that evidence shows the inmate’s claim to be unfounded. Video and audio show a jail deputy walked into a room where the inmate was sitting while on the phone. The deputy was looking up and accidentally tripped over the detainee’s legs, Cantrell said.

The inmate then started cursing out the deputy, she said.

Cantrell said Sheriff’s Office officials are continuing to investigate the inmate’s claims and will look at all aspects of the case.

“We take this stuff very seriously,” she said. “We will do a very thorough investigation.”

Cantrell said she could not release the name of the inmate or the inmate’s lawyer.


  • Daryl

    Yea because officers feel that safe with detainees they don’t even pay them attention I find that hard to belive

  • Marie

    What a waste of time and resources. Now days all the criminal has to do is scream harassment even if it’s just for a hangnail. And the jails have to spend money ‘investigating’.

    • John

      You might be singing a different tune if it were a female criminal doing the sexusl assault accusations, and the news certainly wouldn’t have asked for the alleged victim’s name. Let’s not forget this is a jail where the guards let an inmate be sexually assaulted for 15 hours.

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