Springdale Police Department Arrests Walmart Shoplifting Suspect

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The Springdale Police Department arrested Anna Mae Nicol, 21, on Friday, according to a Facebook post on their page.

She was wanted in connection with a shoplifting offense at Walmart on Pleasant Street in Springdale, according to Lt. Derek Hudson with the Springdale Police Department.

Nicol reportedly used the self checkout and failed to scan around $50 in items.

Friday afternoon, a tipster reportedly called and gave authorities a lead that led to Nicol being arrested.

The male suspect in the picture was merely with her when the crime was committed.


  • CF

    I can’t stand thiefs…She probably lives off the goverment which makes bad citizens that believe it’s okay to steal and lie.

    Not to smart either seeing how there are cameras everywhere in Walmart these days.

    Maybe she will wise up?

    • atc8824

      I agree CF I was thinking crackhead from how she looks.Yes,welfare people do have the you owe me attitude or at least most of them have that opinion.Instead of us owing them they owe themselves a job,a home and to take care of their own self.I do believe that the guy may not have known because if he was bagging while she was scanning he had no way of knowing if she was scanning everything.All races have bad people and some women today are meaner than some men.Sorry the other post should have read if they cant come up with a debate then they attack peoples posts spelling,grammar so on so forth.

  • bobreal

    Bet her Parnets are REAL PROUD of Their Little Girl?? But looking What she is hanging with; surprised she didn’t try to Rob the store??

  • FedUp

    One doesn’t need to possess much of a brain to know that security cameras are everywhere and especially in Walmart stores. The cameras are there for a reason, and this arrest is but one of the reasons. Churches don’t pay taxes because the IRS doesn’t require non-profits to be subjected. My opinion: churches should pay taxes.

  • stasha

    My opinion is God don’t have to pay taxes.. his son did die on the cross so we can be forgive for our sins.

  • Ja

    Everyone make mistakes. I’m sure the main folks criticizing are the main ones who have done worst or have kids that’s doing worst. Whether she has kids or not what does that matter?????????? Don’t worry I’ll wait.

  • atc8824

    She looks like a crackhead.Believe it or not people women steal and just because somebody is with you doesn’t mean they know what you have done.

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