Affordable Care Act Enrollment Deadline Today

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Today (March 31) is the final day to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

The process had been a mixed bag for residents in the River Valley area.

Some said it was easy for them, "I had no problem, it was amazing. I mean I signed up for it, within just a little bit of time I was approved."

While other said it wasn't quite so simple, "well it's like a bunch of long paperwork. I filled it all out, and I sent it back in to some place in Little Rock, and they still haven't answered  me yet and nobody has said anything. It's been like two or three weeks and nobody has said anything to me."

One resident said he felt regardless of the process people should still sign up.

"If you need it get it because there's people that don't need it that are against it but there are a lot of people in this country that need it and I'd recommend signing up because we all need healthcare," said David Becker.

While Monday (March 31) was the deadline, if a person had attempted to sign up in the past, that deadline would get pushed back for them.

"It's kind of called wait in line. If you've been trying to get in or made some type of effort to get in and get online and do it and you've not been successful you can be extended up to April the 15th to enroll in the health plan or the Private Option," said Larry Fennell, an independent health insurance agent.

Fennell had been at Mercy Hospital in Rogers, Ar., since the beginning of March signing people up for insurance and said he would stay through April 15th.

He said the experience had been personally rewarding for him.

Residents can enroll on line here to find a licensed agent to sign up with, or call 855-283-3483.




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