Superwoman Running The Hogeye For Her Daughter

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A mother traveled from Texas to run in the Hogeye Marathon in support of her epileptic daughter, an University of Arkansas student.

Jeanette Starnes is the woman behind the mask. Jeanette is running the full marathon, 26.2 miles, to support her daughter Morgan after a surprise diagnosis a few months ago.

"One day we got a call that she was just down in the shower and was diagnosed with epilepsy...but she's a fighter and she made it through," Jeanette said.

After three seizures, Morgan, who had been learning Chinese, forgot everything she had ever learned.

Another scary incident a short time later led doctors to find another medical problem- a pulmonary embolism.

Morgan said through it all, her mother was her biggest supporter.

"I think she's everything that I could ever want to be," Morgan said.

Jeanette's inspiration for running the marathon grew stronger with every mile.

"I just kept thinking, Morgan you can do this, you can do it!" Jeanette said.

After four and a half hours of running, Jeanette crossed the finish line to be embraced by her daughter Morgan, her husband and her mother.

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