NWA Red Cross Worker Heads To Washington After Deadly Mudslide

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A second American Red Cross worker from Arkansas was deployed Monday to Washington state to help victims of the deadly mudslide that has so far killed 24 people.

Workers at a rescue operation is Oso, Wash., are trying to find any signs of life more than a week after the deadly mudslide.

So far, officials said more than 600 people have been involved in the relief effort of the mudslide. That now includes Linda Morgan of the Red Cross Northwest Arkansas Chapter.

"Linda has an extensive experience in shelters and managing shelters," said Rick Harvey, Red Cross communications specialist. "They notified that they needed her help, and as usual, she has dropped what she's doing and immediately arranged her life to where she could go."

Morgan will be getting to Washington on Tuesday to run the relief shelters for the victims of the mudslide.

"I will be managing the people that manage the shelters," Morgan said. "I will be in the headquarters doing paper work and making sure there is staff to run the shelters."

In the last week, the shelters have housed more than 120 people.

"We provide the shelters for temporary lodging until these families can find other arrangements," Harvey said. "We also are there for those people to provide support until they can get back on their feet."

The Red Cross also has served more than 10,000 meals and snacks to first responders and the affected community.

"We are taking care of the people that have lost their homes, but we are also helping feed and support the people that are there going through the mud and debris looking for people who may still be alive," Harvey said.

Morgan has been on several deployments for the Red Cross, including to Moore, Okla., in the aftermath of the tornado in May of last year. She said she is ready to again lend a helping hand.

"I have gotten pretty good at packing my clothes and having things ready to go," she said. "I am packing just the bare things that I need."

Those in the Red Cross who know Morgan well, said they are proud to call her a member of their organization.

"We are just very thankful that she is the kind of person that cares about the Red Cross, and what we do," Harvey said. "She really cares about the people that she is helping."

Morgan is expecting to be in Washington for about two weeks. She is the second Arkansan to be deployed to Washington for the landslide response. Last week, Larry Martens of Marshall departed. He is a mental health worker who is helping victims deal with the overwhelming losses.

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