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Student Arrested In Gun Threat At Bentonville High School

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Bentonville police on Tuesday (April 1) arrested Samantha Overstreet, 18, on suspicion of threatening to “shoot up” Bentonville High School on Monday.

Police said Overstreet’s arrest was unrelated to Tuesday’s bomb threat that sent Bentonville High School students home early.

Overstreet, of Garfield, was arrested on suspicion of terroristic threatening after a student and school staff member discovered a gun threat in a girls’ restroom at Bentonville High School on Monday morning. She is facing a Class D felony charge in the incident, police said.

The note written on the restroom wall said the writer was going to “shoot the place up” Tuesday, according to the school district. Overstreet later confessed to writing the threat and was picked up Monday by her parents, who said they did not have any guns at home, said Mary Ley, spokeswoman for the school district.

Extra security was assigned to the high school for Monday night and Tuesday morning to “ensure the safety of the school,” according to a note sent home to parents from Assistant Principal James Swim.

Authorities on Tuesday, though, discovered a bomb threat at the school. The high school was evacuated, and no one was hurt. Police have not yet found any evidence of a bomb at the school.

The Bentonville Police Department is working with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force in investigating the incident.

The person responsible for the bomb threat also could face felony charges, police said.



  • student

    If you’re not at the school then you should not speak on it. Don’t worry about BHS students we have our own. For you to comment like you are over things that you’re not involved in shows real immaturity.
    -SR. @ BHS

  • student

    If you continue then that’s on you idc what you have to say, but just know the students know what went down while you are all on the outside looking in. We continue to do us through this adversity even though a loved one, a fellow student, and a child made a mistake we forgive b/c that’s what it is to be a BHS student.
    -SR. @ BHS a.k.a. King Tyler.

  • Jodi

    People who write on walls and threatening other people lives can’t be tolerated. We have no idea if this person is crazy and really going to do exactly what he/she said they were going to do. So in the eyes of the law and for the sake of my child and every other child that possible could be harmed this is a felon She was threating many people’s lives whether she/he meant it or not and that my friend is not tolerated any where.

  • BHSstudent

    Right of free expression is very much legal and is exercised often. On the other hand, terroristic threatening is illegal. I’m not quite sure how you mix those up. So by your theory, someone can bring a gun to a school, unloaded, and threaten to kill people with no repercussions? It’s just a piece of metal. No more potential to cause harm than your daily school supplies, right? Your points are illogical. We are no longer Neanderthals and that is why laws have been created to keep us from being savages. Please look up the definition of danger. It is the possibility of harm or injury. The POSSIBILITY. If you do not have the mentality to know not to threaten lives, then who is to say this girl would not be able to access a weapon and use it? Sadly, your thought of self-government in our society is very unrealistic.

  • rae

    When I went to Bhs we had these threats just about every Friday during my freshman year. On the note of her being bullied and that being her call for help… I personally have seen how bentonville schools handle bullying and I know for a fact they don’t do shit about it. If no one will help you from being bullied by everyone’s oh so lovely child, then hey you have to get someone to know you’re fed up. I do not know her story but I do know Bentonville needs to step up and defend these kids being put through hell.
    Former BHS student.

  • me

    I’ve known Samantha and her family for years. She is truly a sweetheart. There is no way She would do anything violent.

    • Julie Johnson

      Apparently you didn’t read the article because it says SHE CONFESSED to writing the threat. I’ve known her as well and she needs a reality check. I can’t say this is the way anybody should have to learn a lesson but she did something that could have very well happened and hurt a lot of students. Her threat was childish and stupid. I hope she learns a thing or two in the slammer.

  • Shirin

    My daughter is a student at BHS, so I feel I have a right to comment on this matter, even though neither I nor my daughter know Samantha Overstreet personally.

    I don’t think it is appropriate to charge this student AS AN ADULT!! for writing on the school bathroom wall, even given that the threat was to shoot up the school. Not only was there obviously no intent/ability for her to do so, and no disruption to classes, but the kid was OBVIOUSLY INTERVIEWED WITHOUT MIRANDA WARNINGS, (which is the usual practice when school children are interviewed for potentially criminal behavior), as witness her immediate confession. Had she been 16 (my daughter’s age), she would have (at worst) gone to juvie, paid a fine, been given a ton of hours of community service, and quite possibly been suspended for her stupid and inappropriate behavior which would result in her not graduating with her class. Because she was 18, although she was CLEARLY not given the Miranda warnings against self-incrimination to which adults are entitled, she is looking at a Class D Felony and potentially 6 years in jail.

    This is unfair. It is also counterproductive. All BHS parents have been asked to impress upon their kids the evils of making threats, and I have done so, even though my 16 year old is a good child who stays out of trouble, thinks Samantha must be “really dumb”, and is mad at her, because now if you need to go to the bathroom at BHS you have to have a teacher accompany you, and check the bathroom walls after you are done.. However, I spent a LOT more time explaining to my daughter that her principal, her guidance counselor, her teachers and her local school cops are NOT her friends. I told her, “do not ever, under any circumstances at all, admit guilt if you are asked point blank, “did you do ‘x?'” Especially, don’t say anything if you did do it, but it was just a joke, and you don’t think it was very serious. Don’t lie, but do refuse to answer any questions until we have been called, and a lawyer representing you is present at the interview.”

    Is this really the takehome message that BHS wishes to deliver?

    I think it would be more useful to use a peer jury method for disciplining these young fools, such as is used by New Trier Township Believe me, high school kids would be much harder on these miscreants than we adults would be, but it would save the stupid idiots from being convicted of a juvenile or adult criminal offense. .

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