Woman Saves Local Family From House Fire

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A family asleep in their home on Glass Plant road near Fort Smith as it was engulfed in flames managed to escape with the help of a good Samaritan passing by.

Summer Hardy said she was headed to work around 4 am Wednesday (April 2) morning when she noticed a house on fire.

Hardy said she immediately pulled over to call 911.

While on the phone with police, Hardy said she noticed four cars in the driveway but no one standing outside.

She said she assumed that the family must have still been inside, and began trying to wake everyone up, all while still on the phone with authorities.

"I'm banging on the doors, trying to give them an intersection to where I am, and nobody's answering. I banged on the side paneling of the house, windows, 911 finally figured out where I was at so they had dispatched the truck already, and then I heard somebody in the house and they came and opened the door," said Hardy.

Hardy said when the father opened the door he looked startled  but she could see smoke had started to enter the home, and she then told him his house was on fire.

According to Hardy, her and the father began going through rooms waking everyone up and making sure they all got out the house safe.

Once the fire fighter arrived on scene Hardy said she left to head to work.

Jenny Wilson said "I just thank God that everybody was safe and that it is replaceable."

Wilson said what Hardy did for her family was heroic.

"Had it not been for her we might have not had this house left or our lives," said Wilson.

According to Wilson, the room that was damaged in the fire belonged to her seven-year-old daughter.

Wilson said her daughter had gotten in to bed with her and her husband just a few hours before the fire began.

According to Wilson, her daughter was upset about her room, but more concerned about Benchmark testing Wednesday at school as well as her dolls getting out OK.

Hardy said she is far from a hero, but that she was just doing what she would want anyone else to do for her.

Jim Almond with the White Bluff Fire Department said if Hardy had not seen the fire and notified authorities immediately, the entire house could have been damaged severely.








  • Beverly!

    Tha’ts my friend Summer!! She’s amazing, and this doesn’t surprise me she’d do something so amazing!! VERY glad for this family someone happened along and could help them, and get them out safely!!

  • Jordan

    This is truly a miracle, I think god everyday for what he brings us throughout our lives. He knew that, that little girl should go to the parents room so that she would be safe, and not be interferred with the fire! Thank you Lord..

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