Greenwood Makes Progress on Community Growth

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Progress is being made in the city of Greenwood as the community looks to expand its borders.

The Greenwood city council is holding a study session to discuss the annexation of the Shadow Lake community tonight(April 3).

Greenwood Fire and Police departments already back up county responders on calls to Shadow Lake, many Shadow Lake residents receive Greenwood city water, and several kids who live in Shadow Lake attend Greenwood schools.

"It's either Greenwood or Fort Smith," said Greenwood Chief of Police Will Dawson,  "One of the two, most likely, would eventually annex Shadow Lake or other parts of the county into their city limits. With them being so close to us, it's just something that the city's looking at."

The study session will be held at Greenwood City Hall at 6:00 p.m.

The Greenwood Police Department is also expanding, after purchasing the old post office in town for $318, 000.

The department plans to expand the building to 10,000 square feet and use it as the new police station.

Dawson said they plan to break ground on the project in August and have it completed by June 2015.



  • Outsider

    Why does any of the towns around here need to be annexed? No town in the river valley is interested in any growth, unless they’re growin the retirement home. The entire River Valley has turned into a jobless retirement community.

  • My Two Cents

    I’m a Shadow Lake resident and I welcome the annexation. Our association wanted to be annexed (mid 90’s) when it was their idea, but now that it’s not, it’s suddenly a bad idea. I don’t get it. They’ve tried the “it’ll cost us more” and the “they’ll make our lake a city park”, but when the city showed that it was nearly a wash in the gain/loss column and they had no interest in the lake, they’ve now decided it’s because the streets might not get maintained as well. Really? That’s the best argument we’ve got? That’s embarrassing…
    In the big picture, I believe that it’s a race to I-49 between Fort Smith and Greenwood. At some point in the future, either GWD or FSM will have all of that property. If FSM gets all of that property and builds supporting schools and infrastructure, what does that do to the GWD school district going forward? Does it dry up and become a shell of itself?
    Now, I’m not affiliated with the district nor do I have children or grandchildren who attend GWD, past, present or future, but it seems to me, to keep the GWD school district from being consumed when FSM expands to the south, we need to be proactive and help our future generations of GWD students by protecting what I hear is a solid school district.
    Just my two cents.

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