Cloudy Water in Alma as City Flushes Water Mains

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People in Alma might notice their water turn a little cloudy Friday (April 4), as the city’s water department flushes out their water mains.

Crews ask that people run their water for a few minutes until it turns clear again before using it to cook, or drinking it. However, the discolored water does not pose a health threat if you do consume it.

The city also recommends that people don’t wash their white clothes in the discolored water. If clothing does become stained while it’s being washed, you can pick up a chemical that will treat the discoloration for free, according to a news release from the Alma Water Department.

The work is expected to take three days. Crews will be completing this essential routine maintenance work from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. to each day to minimize the disruptions.


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