Fayetteville Substitute Teacher Arrested In Meth-Dealing Sting

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A Fayetteville substitute teacher is no longer teaching for the school district, following her methamphetamine arrest in a sting operation last month.

Justine McDuffie was arrested March 12 on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. She was released the next day on $3,500 bond, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Detectives with the local drug task force conducted surveillance on McDuffie’s Fayetteville home last month. Officers found methamphetamine on a visitor after the visitor left McDuffie’s home, according to court documents. The visitor told officers the drugs were bought from McDuffie, records show.

Authorities searched McDuffie’s home and found methamphetamine, several prescription substances, scales, a ledger and $475, they said. She admitted she had been selling methamphetamine in the past year to 20 or 30 people, according to court documents.

McDuffie had substitute taught for the school district through a third-party company. She was removed from substitute teaching for the company after her arrest, according to the Fayetteville School District.

Detectives with the Fourth Judicial Drug Task Force carried out the operation. The task force is made up of members of various local law enforcement agencies.


  • lori

    wow, someone who teaches our children, selling drugs!! then we have teachers having sexual contact with our school kids!! im with fedup , what is the world coming to! im glad my kids are out of school!!

    • Concerned

      And yet we want to give teachers guns to protect our children. We have them sexual abusing them and doing meth! Wonder if she sold to the kids?!

  • jake sweeny

    well, for starters, she hasn’t been tried or convicted of anything, so it’s a tad premature to use this story as an indicator of “what the world is coming to”. and you should definitely be cautious about trusting the content of the article as being accurate. in fact there is an obvious slant in the mention of items found. “several prescription substances” are not illegal to possess nor are they relevant to the investigation. including them in the list of items found was either an indiscretion of the police department (and a good example of bad police work) or was intentionally included by 5news to mislead their viewers and readers. that alone makes me suspicious of the entire story and investigation.

    • moreUknow

      I’m so tired of hearing how little teachers make. Starting salary in Arkansas is over $29,000 a year, that’s with “0” years of teaching experience. The average household income for AR is around $40,000
      a year, in my area it’s more like $25,000 to $30,000. The real question is, should state and local employees be paid more than the average income of the tax payers who hire them?

      I would and links to the info, but I don’t know how.

  • Jonella

    Starting is $29,000 for 9 months. Not the whole year.

    Most people are living on $8.00/hr, $16,000 a year, $29,000 for 9 months is a lot.

  • Happy, happy, happy

    Let’s keep in mind that this was not a certified teacher. you can substitute in the state of AR with only a high school diploma or GED. You can not teach without 5 years of college and a college degree. You want changes, change the laws.

  • Lisa Brown

    Actually, Ms. McDuffie was in fact a teacher. You are correct on the rules of the state, however. She is a degreed individual and I knew her when she taught my daughter for an entire year. We thoroughly enjoyed her and the kids loved her. More than anything, she needs help and prayers, don’t we all…? Let’s not judge based on stories that have not in fact been finalized. IF she has a problem, I would hope someone close to her will help her.

    • FedUp

      Of course she may need help, but she also needs more than a slap on the had if convicted. Drug pushers are a bane to society, and I am alarmed with how availabe the drugs are. Do the crime, do the time.

    • Nancy

      She is in fact a very good person that has got mixed up with some very bad people. As far as prespription drugs, she takes medication for medical reasons. Meth is not something not to ness around with and VERY hard to stay away from. I hope she can get help and not just get more trouble.

  • Lisa Brown

    Just so you aren’t wondering WHAT her degrees(s) are in: Hendrix, BA in political science/international relations, and M. Ed. in Elementary Ed. · MS Social Studies · Elementary Education · from UofA. Bad things can happen to GOOD people. And–furthermore, THE MEDIA SHOULD NOT PREFACE THESE ARTICLES WITH MISLEADING INFORMATION such as I’ve seen online with the AR state substitute teacher requirements—it only leads the reader to believe that the individual targeted in the article is in fact “not a degreed teacher” as it this case. FILTER what you read. These things should not even be reported on until there is a final outcome OR not at all. She was removed from her job, problem solved on their end. Now, to lift up someone who needs prayers and help…

  • Lisa Brown

    John–of course not–they seem to be immune. I don’t know if you were around when Craig Cannon was arrested (on air!), but I was, and he had a drug problem. He got help, But…you won’t find it on the internet anymore, I guess you can pay to have that removed. Standards aren’t really “standards” when they aren’t the same for everyone.

  • Lisa Brown

    Now, if Ms. McDuffie held the “news” title of “Masters prepared Fayetteville professional educator arrested on suspicion of drug dealing”…the media couldn’t rely on their “hook”, in this case, the preface of Arkansas substitue teaching requirements. There is no relevance in reporting this in conjunction with this case. All this did was cause widespread panic in our community, “WHO is teaching our children”??? Well–I’m an RN, and I’ve subbed in the FPS, I’m NOT TEACHING your children–I’m babysitting them for 8 hours. I have NOTHING to do with their education, I do no planning, testing, or evaluation. I am given a sheet with rules to follow for the day. I BABYSIT, period. GET A GRIP to the people who read and follow daily news. Thanks to the most wonderful professor in the communications dept at the UofA for teaching me the difference between a fictional “hook” and the “journalistic hook”–journalism is not always for your knowledge and well-being, sometimes it is for convincing, sometimes it is for pure gossip–but it is ALWAYS “for-profit”. Use your inner judgement.

  • John

    It’s obvious they have an agenda about certain things. Their news guy has apparently be suspended. The “Fay” angle was just sensationalism for an old arrest.
    What is disturbing is they can bury a person’s career that might not even be guilty.

  • John

    There are ways to report things because they need to be reported. But this arrest went unreported as it was just sort of normal news. Only the fact she subbed 12 times during the school years made it hit the news. There are other arrests of similiar nature that never make the tv.

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