Man Pleads Guilty In Murder-Sodomy Case, Must Testify Against Brother

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One of the men accused of killing a Fort Smith woman in 2010 pleaded guilty Friday in a deal with prosecutors, according to the LeFlore County, Okla., Prosecutor’s Office.

Johnathen Thacker pleaded guilty to a count of first-degree murder in exchange for the death penalty being taken off of the table and the dropping of a forcible sodomy charge, said Jeff Smith, LeFlore County prosecutor.

Thacker is scheduled to be sentenced to life in prison without parole, but first he must fulfill his part of the deal and testify against his brother in the murder case, Smith said.

"Knowing that he is turning on Elvis who is more of the aggressor in the situation, I think that if he keeps his agreement on that part of it, I think that Elvis's death penalty is set," said the victim's mother Bethany Ault-Pyle.

No trial date has yet been set for Elvis Thacker, who was also charged in the death of 22-year-old Brianna Ault. Thacker is charged with first-degree murder and forcible sodomy, according to the prosecutor.

Smith said his office is seeking the death penalty against Elvis Thacker.

Ault’s body was discovered in a pond near Pocola, Okla., on Sept. 13, 2010. Her throat had been slashed, according to police reporters.

The Thackers are already serving prison time after pleading guilty to an unrelated rape and kidnapping, as well as an attempted capital murder of a Fort Smith police officer, records show.


  • JR Gibbs

    Sorry to disagree. I think they both should have gotten liquidation by lethal means. These are some very evil boys & we shouldn’t be wasting resorses on either. Bread & water. This should get a trail date ASAP. It has already been 4 years and these boys are still not in the bighouse. I’m all for fairness and due diligents, but really? 4 years? I know they had small stuff to deal with in OK, but time to answer to the people of Arkansas.

  • Happy, happy, happy

    It may be four years or more before Elvis goes to trial. I predict brother will change his mind about testifying. They are playing the game of wait it out, to get more out of the plea bargain. Worthless legal system that allows itself to be “played” like this.

  • Jennifer

    I think they both should fry for what they did to her. She didn’t deserve any of that. She was an amazing person. I use to work with her. And I think while they are awaiting trail that they should be locked in a cell with the biggest badest guy and let him have his way with them and if they fight back they get the shit beat outa them and so on.. But yeah they both deserve to die for what they did. And I think its horrible that they are just now starting this trial process in these brothers. And I am sure it will take about another 4-7 years till anything happens. And I am sure the brother will change his mind. IF they don’t get killed or kill themselves..

  • Daniel

    I hate to say this but it takes time to process and collect evidence for the trial. I agree they both need to fry for what they did to her. I do believe Jonathan Thacker got what he wanted by getting out of the death penalty. Elvis Thacker is a punk and thinks he is bad but he is just a pussy. He only hits girls or his brother. Scared of anybody else. He deserves to die a horrible death…

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