Students Evacuated After Bomb Threat At Ozark Middle School

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School officials evacuated Ozark Middle School on Friday morning after discovering a bomb threat written on the wall of one of the bathrooms, according to the Ozark School District.

The students were taken to the junior high, where they were fed and supervised until school let out in the afternoon. Authorities gave the “all clear” of the middle school at 3:20 p.m., said Supt. Jim Ford.

State police and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office swept the school and searched with a bomb-sniffing dog from the University of Arkansas. Nothing suspicious was found, and there are no suspects yet in the case, Ford said.

The investigation was handed over to the Arkansas State Police, according to the school district.

“All students are 100 percent safe and are always our top priority here at the Ozark schools,” a post reads on the Ozark School District Facebook page.


  • PeterM

    There needs to be immediate stiffer consequences for the immature children that are perfoming these acts. Not the “you’ll regret this later in life” approach that we currently are pushing upon them. Put them in jail. Punish them by hard, daily labor such as community cleaning for a very lengthy period of time. Ensure they learn. Embarrass one and you will stop them all.

    • Brian

      Was just saying the same thing at work today when i heard it on the radio. Its time to make them pay for the time for all the officers time and bomb squad. What are they going to do when they get tired of a real job. Ya miss work but to much of them and you will sitting in the dark at your house.

  • Jonella

    Kids are sick of school and just want some fresh air. Kids know that they can’t get in trouble and that if the school touches them, that their parents will sue and get rich.

    Until kids can be punished these threats will continue.

  • Happy, happy, happy

    Until parents have to pay in some way for their “minor” children’s actions then this will continue. Parents in some way need to impress on their children why this is unacceptable behavior. Kids should be thinking about how all the other schools are looking good and how their school looks bad for these continued bomb threats. If it were athletics the student body would be up in arms, if other schools were better than them in sports. They would be very vocal to those who were not doing their part to help the sports teams. I don’t know what the answer is, but until some accountability at both parent and minor child level occurs then the problem will continue. We need to be raising children who will contribute to the good of society, not children who will continue to contribute to the bad of society.

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