Fayetteville Judicial Candidate Discusses DWI Court, Campaign

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In a segment on "5NEWS Sunday Morning" that aired April 6, Tim Snively, a candidate for Fayetteville District judge, discussed his candidacy and his plan to create a DWI Court. Snively appeared on the show with 5NEWS Managing Editor Larry Henry.

Snively is vying for the post in the May 20 election against Circuit Judge Bill Storey.


  • John

    DWI offenders are required to have interlocks and check in monthly to get those devices serviced- that’s plenty of oversight. What Snively seems to be suggesting is not only are we going to saddle someone with a DWI conviction, punitive psychotherapy, and an interlock which they must pay for, but also we’re going to do the ankle monitor and enforcement agencies a favor by extracting more money from drunks. If they’re drinking and not driving, who cares? If DWI court helped someone avoid a conviction, and the stigma that goes along with it, it might be helpful. How about we focus on texting and driving?

  • Bob Gnarly

    Which entity poses a greater danger to the public:

    (a) the average DWI offender


    (b) the off-duty cop who gets drunk in a bar, pulls a loaded weapon on the patrons, and is allowed to drive home unhindered by the local PD

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