Rogers Man Fires Shots At The Ground To Scare Burglar

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Rogers police are investigating an incident on East Pinion Street early Monday (April 7) in which a resident shot at the ground to scare off a burglar, according to a police department news release.

The police department responded to a report about a burglary in progress with shots being fired at about 1:15 a.m. Upon arrival, officers made contact with the homeowner Roberto Ramirez, 61, according to the news release.

Ramirez reported that someone had attempted to break into his home and that he fired several shots toward the ground to scare the person away. The suspect fled before officers arrived, the release states.


  • Chris

    Who cares if the state of Arkansas allows warnings shots or not… In my opinion he did the right thing by scaring them burglars away… C’mon now your gonna sit there and say you wouldve not done ssoif it was your case? You wouldve gladly allow some hoodlum to come in your home and take away wjats yours? It aint like he pointed at them and shot them!! He did the right thing…

  • a volunteer

    better to fire shots into the ground than into the air. Either way, I would’ve done it regardless of city ordinance law.

  • dmgates

    I agree………let it go…..I shoot into the ground quite often and I live in the Alma city limits. Would anyone like my address?

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