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Supporters Rally After School Made Students Take Down Rebel Flags

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Scott County residents gathered near Waldron High School on Tuesday afternoon to support three boys threatened with suspension from the school if they continued to fly Confederate flags on their trucks.

The situation stirred students and parents in Waldron on Monday night and into Tuesday after three high school students were told they could be held back from graduating if they continued to fly Confederate flags from their trucks in Waldron High School's parking lot.

The students were identified as Garren Carpenter, Evan Hunt and Dakota Sims. Garren Carpenter is the son of Scott County Sheriff Amie Carpenter, a former school district employee.

"We tried to fight it, until they were going to suspend us for three to 10 days or give us zeros," said Garren Carpenter.

A brief demonstration also took place outside of the Waldron High School on Tuesday morning, where a few students flew rebel flags on their trucks in front of the school in response to the controversy.

They didn't have them in the school's parking lot as the superintendent previously requested, but they did fly them visibly in front of the school, just off the property.

"We were kind of shocked we didn't do anything wrong," said Garren Carpenter.

Supt. Gary Wayman met with the students Monday morning to warn them about impending punishments they could endure if they continued to fly the Confederate flag. Wayman said the boys flew the flags from poles sticking up from their pickup trucks.

The superintendent told the students to take the flags down before entering the high school's parking lot. They can put them back up after leaving school grounds, Wayman said.

Images posted to social media Monday night showed disciplinary referrals from the school district threatening to give the boys in-school suspension for the act.

The referrals state the students "came to school with flag flying from truck--not following directions."

Sims told 5NEWS administrators also threatened to rescind their credits for graduation.

"What they are trying to do is take all our rights away," Sims said. "We are just showing that (we) are proud to be where we live."

Wayman said the Confederate flag could be offensive to some students, and he did not want to allow potentially offensive material on school grounds. The superintendent added he did not believe the students were being prejudiced, but were instead expressing their Southern pride.

“It’s been blown way out of proportion,” he said. “I expect it to die down pretty soon.”

The superintendent said the meeting with the students went well, and the boys understood and agreed to the terms. He said he could not say what kind of discipline the students faced if they continued to fly the flags.

“That would be up to the principals,” Wayman said.

The Scott County sheriff took to Facebook on Tuesday to praise her son and the other boys. She said she did not condone them flying the flags on school property, but she was proud of her son and the others for standing up for their rights.

Amie Carpenter said she told the kids to obey all laws and take the flags down before entering the school's parking lot from now on. She said they agreed to her advice.

"Everyone rallied up. People support us. We are good country boys down here," Garren Carpenter said.

Carpenter had posted a statement on Facebook on Tuesday in which she said, "I have to say I'm proud of my son for knowing his rights and for standing up but yet keeping it respectful, 'cause that's the way he's been taught his whole life."

The sheriff went on to say she believed the boys did nothing wrong.


  • (Required)

    Sounds like an infringement on the students’ Fifth Amendment rights to me. Power-hungry public school administrators must not have enough on their plates.

    • Abbygail Green

      Am I the only person who realizes that after the Confederate States rejoined the Union it became a federal offense to produce, possess, or display a replica or authentic Confederate flag unless in a history museum.

      These boys were actually flying what is known as the rebel flag, which for all general purposes is considered more racist than the CSA’s flag. The CSA’s flag stood for equal rights for the white man in federal government, the ability to decide some aspects of government operations and control on a state by state basis, slavery was a VERY small aspect of the decision to leave the Union. But due to common mindset, behavior, remarks, and actions the rebel flag has been linked to certain racist, I mean, Caucasian purification groups, and violent crimes committed against people simply because of skin color, it’s flag white people used in response to MLK, Malcolm X, and the Black Panther groups.

      As far as the schools decision to allow such display on school property or at school events, I would like to see a complete student handbook. If profanity and sexually explicit material, actions, and language are banned then this issue is no different and should also be banned. It’s the same principle. Those flags are disrespectful to some people just as profanity and sexually explicit content are. Banning any of the three could be considered a violation of someone’s Firs Amendment right and could be considered censerorship.

      • xcrimsonxguardx

        Also would like to add that none of these commenter s for Flying that flag would not even tell us what its about, instead they go defensive before you had a chance to actually hear them out sounds just like another overseas group we all know had the same attitude..

      • Garry Gage

        Wow, this is not first amendment rights. What if a student drops the F word or the N word, wont there be discipline for their actions. People need to realize what one has already mentioned that the confederate flag is a flagrant symbol of hate and racism. If one person is offended by this then why would anyone want to resurrect harsh times that our country has experienced. 1964 has is far behind us, and how can we possible teach our children tolerance for others beliefs if we foster symbols of hatred from a disgusting time in our nations history.

      • outlaw

        if they don’t like it they can go back north the biggest racist thing in the country right now is mlk jr. and Jessie Jackson people need to get over it

      • xcrimsonxguardx

        no because flying a flag for attention only is stupid regardless of what ,if they had moved off school grounds though Who cares.

      • Bob

        I didn’t hear any complaints about flags at school when the high school in Fremont, CA stood by while illegal aliens pulled down the U.S. flag, placed the Mexican flag above it, and turned the U.S. flag upside down.

  • Kelly

    A federal judge in New Jersey just ruled that the school’s control does not include their private property. The 5th amendment protects their speech. Even on school property.

    • Anonymous

      It’s the first amendment right that protects the freedom of speech, not the fifth. The fifth amendment protects a person from saying anything under oath that might cause them to admit guilt. For example “I plead the fifth”

    • Diane

      Fifth Amendment
      An amendment to the Constitution of the United States, ratified in 1791, that deals with the rights of accused criminals by providing for due process of law, forbidding double jeopardy, and stating that no person may be forced to testify as a witness against himself or herself.
      Please explain how this applies to this event…

  • Kevin

    How silly Ron I’m really disappointed in Waldron School. 10 years ago it was fine whats wrong with it now? Are we giving into the Liberal scum of America ( or what’s left of it)

  • Hallett Newman

    I find the Supt. Gary Wayman’s ignorance of the 1st Amendment to be offensive. I’d also like to know why it’s the students or anyone else’s responsibility to see that no one is offeneded.

  • joeseph rogers

    You wish Cruthers . Your trying to violate our rights outside of school?!?!. we should have you fired. And sued infact I’m going to try to have that happen you brought this on your self cruthers

  • Support

    I will pay for each one of the boys to get state approved “sons of confederate veterans” license plates. No way to get those banned. The school should be ashamed. Support the rights of these young men also check out the state approved plated.


      I hope you are speaking in amoment of passion or compassion for these young men, because I will ask to please not do this. As descendent of many confederate soldiers, I know it would cause great heart ache to all members of the Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy to have their emblems displayed for no other reason than to drive home a point in a squabble unbecoming their organization. This org is about honoring the dead and continuing ideals of the South, not aruments over who is correct as to displaying of flags

      • cwfarms

        The SCV plate doesn’t have any emblems on it, just the plate and the name Sons of Confederate Veterans. I wish it were more like the SCV plates of Georgia, Texas, etc, but for now just the name.

      • Thought

        Diana, I think the point was passion, and the reason was exactly as it was many years ago when rights were infringed upon. Men and women stood up to prove a point. No matter their stake or outcome. This is exactly the reason many fought.

  • Annon

    Realistically, all of them are just trying to make the best decision for all persons involved. Like he stated “it is being blown way out of proportion.” Nobody knows all the facts anyway, so why get upset about it?

  • joeseph rogers

    Xcrimson. Please quit running your mouth . If you don’t know the facts . You have no talk

    • xcrimsonxguardx

      i do know the facts and everyone here saying they are the victims are only here to capitalize on the so called oppression of the south for attention not any actual cause, and you commie need to check your unamerican self trying to suppress my opinion wrong or right. don’t like it back it up with facts not propaganda of lost times. or what i better do just like a comie to do wow and y’all say liberals are bad. don’t care for them much either ,but never do they tell someone what to do because they cant speak past ape.

      • Anonymous

        Excuse me my dim witted friend but joseph and I both attend this school together and you seem a little stir crazy about this whole ordeal so let me enlighten you to a little flag history!

        The confederate flag had been changed several times through the course of history the first being “Stars and Bras (First National)” then “The Stainless banner” then to the “Third National”.

        There was not one flag that represented the entirety of the confederate states of america. For proof look up the army of northern Virginia flag the southern cross army of Tennessee flag or just go to for more information on this.

        Each corp or division had its own flag such as the Hardee’s Corps, Polk’s Corps and so on and so forth. Even the confederate navy had its own flag the Navy Jack.

        As for this whole oppressing matter the Confederate flag is still a symbol of southern pride. Visiting Walmart, you’ll find it on bumper stickers, hats and t-shirts. Would Walmart aimlessly mass produce and sell a racist item. No because that would be self vindication and how could a self vindictive organization generate a revenue from that?

        And lastly where in the constitution does it say that the school systems have the right to revoke our rights? If this were the case every Tom, Dick, and Harry would have your rights and you would be working the plantation. My point being is I was there and I understand the situation to the fullest so don’t intervene with something that doesn’t concern you. Flailing your misguided knowledge is almost despicable.

  • soldier86

    So if the same studentss decided to fly a German flag from say 1940, that would be ok right ? Because the students would just be representing their German heritage. Maybe they had a grandfather or someone in their family who was a German soldier during WWII. no big deal. I am glad I received my public education from the North East. The education system in the mid south is a disgrace.

    • Mike Boatman

      It’s not the South, it’s the education system throughout our country.
      No American themed shirts can be worn on July 5th on some school campus’ because “some people may be offended”.

  • Anonymous

    What most people do not realize is that these kinds of things go on all the time at the Waldron Public Schools. Most of the principals and administrators are nothing but paid baby-sitters, yet they go far beyond their reach when it comes to control.

  • Stiff

    I personally don’t see anything wrong with a confederate flag, and what I think is even crazier is the way the principal is speaking! Isn’t this forum freedom of speech and here she think she can threaten to suspend students for voicing their opinion! I believe she is also the only one to be cussing wow that’s really great can’t even hold your own tongue, what kind of role model is that for students soo improper for the position she is in

  • starsz

    Tehe, I notice a lot of the same names on this post. Just siting there refreshing the page so you can get defensive over and over again after people comment.

    • atc8824

      That’s what it is all about liberals.They want their rights but if you do not comply with theirs then we are bad people even though we believe in god and not aborting babies because that is taking somebodies life but us Southerners cant fly a flag because it is offensive.Get a real life people and stay the H### out of ours.

  • Proud Arkansan

    What is really sad here is the fact that so many identify with flags other than our American flag. I think of my dad and his 27 years of service to our country; through the Cuban missile crisis, through the iron curtain, through Vietnam, where too many soldiers died representing a fight for Democracy in a foreign land.

    When I look at the flag of the United States, I don’t see division, or hate. I see a symbol representing a beacon of light to the rest of the world.

    In closing, I’d have to say that if you are going to get your panties In pinch over some has-been flag-of-a-bygone-era, then you need to re-evaluate what you stand for in life.

    • xcrimsonxguardx

      those flags fought to take away the usa and its freedoms ,why would they stand for freedom? when they stood against it and lost much less be afforded any protection from the system they tried to destroy.

      • Mike Boatman

        The American Revolution was fought illegally against the lawful colonial government because some people did not want to obey the government. The war between the states was not a “civil war”, two factions fighting to control one government, the South was trying to separate from the government they disagreed with for a multitude of reasons. The war could and would have been avoided if the Federal government had recognized and received the delegation from the South who went to Washington to negotiate disagreements.

      • xcrimsonxguardx

        tell me where did they stand on free speech? the Southerners you speak of? amongst many other issues?oh wait they didn’t believe in such things now did they, the confeds whom im speaking of. which where a branch of 1 culture in the south not all or even the most. the south was not the same even then nor the ideals that flag has become regardless where its from.

      • Tom Sambo

        You have no idea what you are talking about. Try to read some history – not liberal revisionism – and learn to write.

  • parent

    One thing u principles can not get the students suspended for commenting on this post, another is u should not be cussing if u are in the position u r in

  • Sarah 1

    The confederate flag is a representation. The confederacy believed in and fought for owning human beings as slaves. There is no truthful debate that goes against this fact. Therefore if you believe in what the confederacy stands for, fights for, and will die for, then you represent a belief that the slavery of other human beings is a moral cause. The confederate flag is a physical representation of the confederate beliefs. If you currently fly or have flown the confederate flag, you believe that the south will rise again, that the slavery of African Americans is a just cause and will at some point become an acceptable belief system at some future moment in our country.

    Young adults do not have adequate knowledge or education of the representation of the flag. If they did, they would choose not to display the flag. The young folks of Waldron need to educate themselves about the flag. Having or wearing a flag of this type will affect future employment, dating possibilities, acceptance into two or four year colleges, and the list goes on. This is 2014, get with the program.

      • Sarah 1

        Thanks for using my moniker. Salacious ridicule gets you nowhere. I reported your ‘borrowing’ my name.

    • Mike Boatman

      Actually, the Confederate Battle Flag was designed and deployed because the “Stars And Bars” was too easily confused with the Union Flag. Honoring the Battle Flag is showing respect for those who fought and died for what they believed in.

    • cwfarms

      The north had slaves before during and after the war of northern aggression! All slaves imported were on northern ships, this included the white slaves from the late 1500’s to the mid 1700’s also. All slaves came in on northern ships, bought by northern interests, then sold. The north insisted at the passage of the constitution for a twenty year extension of importation of slaves, thus the 1808 compromise. New York was the largest slave holding state at the time, and of course only twenty years before the war of northern aggression a couple of things happened, New York attempted to secede, just as many northern states had done after the Louisiana purchase, and after the war of 1812, all twenty secession conventions held before 1860 were in the NE. And the second is since it was cheaper to hire Irish than to own slaves, some of the northern states changed their laws, they sold their slaves and hired the Irish. Now the last slave holding state was New Jersey, it changed it’s slaves to be lifetime indentured servants, and it it thought their last slaves died around 1900. This puts all slaves imported under the British, then the US flag, zero under any flag of the Confederacy. The US had slaves if the New Jersey slaves died around 1900, for 124 years, the CSA 4 years, the South kept talking about compensated emancipation, just like Washington City did in 1863 and 1864, the slaves still finished the work on the capital after that even. The plan is the same as was discussed in the nation state of Virginia, several years before the invasion. Many US generals and soldiers had slaves, less than 6% of Southerners even had slaves, and most treated them as family. See the slave narratives for the stories by the slaves themselves. slavery was bad, it was not the cause of the invasion, and it was not all like the stories they choose to put on television.

      • Watcher

        It was not at all like it’s portrayed on TV? Because you were there? I have read narratives from former slaves in Eastern Oklahoma and you get a mixed bag depending on each slaves experiences. Some slaves and very poor Whites lived very similar lives. As was portrayed on ROOTS, which was on TV. Other Slaves obviously hated the experience and wanted noting to do with Whites. I’m surprised anyone could even attempt to put a positive spin or attempt to explain such an American human tragedy.

      • cwfarms

        The slave narratives had very few negative stories in them, especially here in Arkansas. That is not to say slavery was good, but that tthe torture, etc was not a normal thing, actually the South was one of the only places that slaves thrived, and expanded in number, most places slaves were worked to death, and replaced, just like what happened to most of the white slaves from the late 1500’s to the mid 1700’s. All slaves black and white were bright in by northern interests and ships. If you want to wail about slavery, don’t do it against the people who treated them as family, and took care of them, go against the north. Most slaves worked side by side with the whites, most families had just a few, while you had to have six to have a plantation. Blacks were barred by state constitutions from living in the north, and over 10% of free blacks had slaves of their own, in Charleston SC The largest slaveholder was a free black man. Many free blacks lived in Arkansas prior to the invasion and occupation of Arkansas.

    • James

      Wow Sarah!!! Spoken in TRUE ignorance!!! If you believe that the south stood for slavery you need to ACTUALLY STUDY! The leaders of the south before the war even said there was no place for slavery in the world, it was morally wrong!! Slavery was not even an issue in the Civil War until near the end! The north had slaves, and if you ACTUALLY READ the emancipation proclamation only freed slaves in the states that succeeded from the union!! NOT ANYWHERE ELSE! You need to read up before you start looking like an ignorant fool. The only people that get offended by the confederate flag are those that are ignorant to the true ideals of what the south wanted! They wanted THEIR rights to choose, THEY were more in tuned with what the fore fathers that wrote the Declaration of Independence were about then what leaders of the north were!! The north wanted absolute control over the people, the south wanted the people to be stronger then the government!!!

    • Toby

      I commend the boys on standing up for what they believe in, regardless of who’s trying to bully them into backing down. I’m from Waldron and I know where they are coming from. The flag they’re flying means different things to different people, obviously. Sarah, I do have it tattooed on my body for all to see, and surprisingly I have a great paying job. And Crimson, I’m not a racist. I have several African American, Hispanic, and Cuban friends. The flag means that I am from a part of America where good moral values are a part of my life and beliefs. I agree that some raciest people use it to insight hate and ignorance. But with all that being said, I still believe we should be able to express ourselves equally. Go Chris T.

  • Mark Smith

    Ignorance in good ol Arkansas still reigns supreme! Not one of the above comments mentions the link between the confederacy and the immorality for which it stood. SHAME. The SOUTH lost because of it’s UN Godly ways.

  • Mark Smith

    Never mind, I forgot how to read. There were comments above like mine, I simply reiterated them.

  • Seriously?

    Incase you didn’t know, neither one of the principals actually commented on this. We actually have a very well run school system and they just want what is better for us students. Although I do not agree with the choices that were made during this issue there is no reason to flip out.

  • Tired of the ignorance

    You people can’t seriously believe those are actually the principals commenting. They are way more professional that that. Way to show how ignorant y’all really are.

  • Lakelynn Nordin

    Lol. Waldron school never seems to amaze me. However I do give a big round of applause to the boys who stood up for what they believe in. I put my name so if you decide to punish me for voicing my oppinion, it’ll turn on y’all and make our school look even worse. This is all a matter of freedom! #SouthernPride

    • xcrimsonxguardx

      why dont you educate ppl on what southern pride means instead of flying the flag, then maybe fly it afterwords, because in all honesty the south your talking about and the reality of it are 2 different things, if your just talking about binge born from there then you don’t need no flag or cause, but everything else said after that point (binge born there }is a sales pitch to rebel and kill any us citizen that exactly the kinda image your going against, if your not like that which i suspect your not, then your ppl are in serious need of a pr manager.

  • Proud Conservative Christian American

    Sarah 1; regardless of what the flag represents, our constitution gives these young men the right to display whatever they believe in. You are missing the point –

    • xcrimsonxguardx

      lol are you saying they deserve rights after killing over 100,000 American solders,citizens? does al queada deserve to fly there flag if they was born in the us also?


    I believe there are still a great many misconceptions about the War between the states because some people posting to this discussion really don’t know the history leading to the southern states leaving the United states. It was because at this time most states were sovernign and even the graduates of West Point swore alligance to their home state, not just Southern, but the Northern cadets also. When Congress decided to interfer with States Rights, The Southern states would not be told how to manage their affairs by a Congress that couldn”t manage it’s self .About slavery? NO, because if it had been, Lincoln would have Issued the Emancipation Procalmation the day Ft. Sumtner was fired upon instead of waiting seveal years into the war. Also this act was for show, because by this time the Confederacy was a nation in it’s self under no jurisdiction of the US.
    Being Southern is not a geological disposition, but an ethinicity in and of it’s self. We have certain beliefs and moral values as does other races. We do not have to adhere to your value systems, nor do we have to respect your beliefs we have only to acknowledge that you believe them.
    As for the flag in question, it is not the Confederate flag, it is the battle flag of Beauregaurd’s division and is a much copied “REBEL” flag.
    Do I believe that these young men, or anyone else, has the right to express their loyalties, YES, as long as it is truly for sake of pride and loyalty, and not for attention or controversy.(This is for each of these young men to evaluate and determine for themselves without outside pressure or comments unbecoming the people posting here under aliases because they are afraid to stand in the light and be seen for who and what they are)
    Now, as for the Waldron School, they are given guidelines, handed down by the Federal Government that they must adhere to in order to remain a public school. While it may seem to be a “bullying” tatic, it is not. They are required to equalize each student to best of their abilities and to try to not allow anyone to become offended by the beliefs of another. A Hurculean task at best, because there will always be small persons seekingto be offended by any and every thing under the sun.
    When I went to Waldron School a long,long,long time ago, rarely was offense taken at anything, of course some folks wore the label of kooks, wierdos and trouble makers.
    I pray God for peace and resolution in this matter for everyone, no exceptions.

    • Sarah 1

      Very well stated.

      Public schools do answer to taxpayers therefore the administration has guidelines they pursue to keep the peace.

    • xcrimsonxguardx

      i don’t agree with your statement details to history,or more so your take on it in this context. but that aside your msg is a positive one Great job!

    • Watcher

      What were the specific issues that the South had with the North. Was is a specific taxation. representation?

  • HH

    Where was the news when this exact thing happened to 5 of us at greenwood 2 years ago? We were threatened with in school suspension too. We gathered 30-40 people and all flew them to school the next day. We stood up for the southern pride we believe in and it showed. A gwpd asked us that morning what we were doing and he was proud of us after we filled him in.

  • HH

    The 13 stars are for the 13 states that were suceeding from the union. I was a flag that the 13 “colonies” came up with to declare independence from the union. It wasn’t about slavery. It was about not letting the government control everything you do. Slavery just happened to be one of the things they believed in then.

  • Cat Daddy!

    I bet Mr. Wayman will be resigning at the end of the school year. He probably started a dumpster fire!

    • Joshua

      Kids these days are not flying it for heritage, they are flying it to represent they are racist. Btw learn to spell.

  • Mark Smith

    Slavery = rebel flag and the worst kind of sin a man can depart on his fellow man. No matter what you say, you cannot get around that for it is evil. If YOU defend evil, then You are evil.

    • atc8824

      Then you better quit defending liberals because they are the most evil people in the USA.Really aborting a baby isn’t evil but flying a flag is evil.You are a true liberal.Hate hate hate and then blame us for your hate.Get a grip liberals aren’t the only people with rights.

  • J C

    So if it were to be a Mexican American flag instead of a Confederate flag. Would you all still have the same opinion? We never know the whole story. But if your answer is no then you are a hypocrite. And I am talking about a legal Mexican American being proud of his or her culture. Stop whining. The USA is the most free country in the world. Your rights are not being ” taken away”. How long has that old broken record been played.

    • xcrimsonxguardx

      Nicely put, and anyone who is from the south and agrees with this is truly from he south, but what ever to the others tired of talking to extremist groups.

    • atc8824

      I agree liberals want their way and to rule anybody that doesn’t like their rules.I will break out my confederate flags today and fly them high and PROUD!!!

      • xcrimsonxguardx

        what liberals are you even talking about is it normal for your type to have to have bad guy every time you feel like you have to justify your behavior at school instead of idk doing your school work and helping your school progress ect ect..

    • xcrimsonxguardx

      do you know what you are tell me? i cant wait to hear what you are? i bet American Southerner never comes out those lips of yours, so that means one thing your an extremist group trying to hijack the the real south beliefs, and soon when your able, you will go around hanging ppl just like before all because they don’t look and talk just like you, regardless of there beliefs and skin color, your type just loves killing different types of Americans and pretending your rights have been violated in the gvt you swore to destroy., or am i wrong if so why don’t you enlighten,me to what your ppl actually believe in.

  • atc8824

    If we southerners can’t fly our confederate flags because we might offend then I do not want to see Malcom X shirts.Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton because they offend me.Oh wait Im white so I cant be offended right!!!!!

    • xcrimsonxguardx

      you do know this all about school grounds not the rest of your city just school. keep your flags wave then so we all know what yall really stand for, but at school Really?

      • atc8824

        Why don’t you try a cause worthy of defending like do not abort babies!!!!Oh wait that’s ok you can do away with your child but don’t you dare be proud to be from the south and what was that oh yeah you GFYS.

      • xcrimsonxguardx

        you don’t speak for the south just waldren ark. if you did you would fly the right flag but you don’t so how about you gtfo of the south and move in with your buddy V.putin i head he is over in the Ukraine now so if you leave now you will catch up to your commie kind.

  • James

    Like the Laney Strickland (Son of the South) song says: “You can change my flag, but you can’t change my mind”.

  • Stan

    What these kids really need to do is get a rebel flag tattoo show they can show how proud they are if there confederate heritage. Get a rather large one where everyone can see it. That way the rest if the sane world can judge them for the rest of there lives. Rebel flags make life worth living in Waldron Arkansas

  • Shelbie Lynn Lovett

    Your talking about be offending by flying the flag but what about the people that get offended by the other flags these are our rights look up on the law passed by the Supreme Court in 2006 it states that they can ban it from inside the school but not from personal vehicles there’s just expressing their rights

  • Big Dan

    This is the first time I have chosen to comment on any of the many comments that I have seen in this stations stories. I have read each one with both sympathy and sorrow. I find it hard to believe that simply displaying or flying a flag on your personal vehicle can cause so many people to lose their minds. I was born in the South and have lived in several places in this country North ,South, East and West but have yet to see this much intolerance and bigotry as I have found in the South. Whatever happened to “One Nation Under God”? We all need to step back and take a hard look at ourselves and try to imagine how it must have felt to be brought over to a foreign land and made to act a certain way and be treated like less than human or made to move to a reservation while your native land is used and destroyed by people you treated like friends. This flag business is just a symptom of a much bigger problem in the souls of men.

    • xcrimsonxguardx

      its only a big deal on school grounds had they moved off school grounds no one would had said anything.

    • Amber

      This goes to show the vast opinions of what it means. So unless you know exactly what the flag means to someone you can’t make an accurate judgement of their meaning, nor can you call them all “racists” “pro-slavery” it all depends on how you look at it and how YOU yourself CHOOSE to identify with it… Therefore, what the flag means to these young men is simply an opinion not a fact and unless you’re a mind reader you couldn’t possibly know the meaning of the flag and what it stands for for them.
      People are entirely too sensitive these days… There is no such thing as freedom of speech anymore. Now what we have is Politically correct approved speech!!

      • fred

        SO this flag your talking about is about free speech in which gvt, its not the U.S gvt it was the C.S.A and there was no free speech in the C.S.A THE FACT YALL HAVE THE WHOLE mentality of north vs south shows that yall are in fact bigoted maybe not slavery,or minorities but defiantly with the decisive logic of us vs them. so yall just keep proving all the negative news right, because if this was really about your heritage, then never at any point would there be a us vs them thought or argument, but we know what it really is huh?, its ok hide behind the rights of the country you sore to destroy.,unlike you we believe in free speech and rights, maybe one day that flag can mean good things maybe you can change that, but until then i view the flag of its actions of it followers not there words .

      • Amber

        @Fred…. Sir, where did I ever refer to “US” or “THEM” I simply gave links to two different views. My observation that I clearly stated is that NO ONE, not you nor I, can presume to know what their flying of the flag represents and we certainly cannot presume to know what their opinions are either. A fact is defined is something that is indisputably the case, proven to be by undeniable evidence. You, sir, cannot say that these young men fly their confederate flag because they support racism or any other type of hatred. The problem is people take their opinions and try to impose them on others as fact and that is just ludacrious. What bothers me is when someone takes a statement, like you have done with mine, completely out of context and tries try to make your opinion of what my statement was intended as and state it as if your opinion is a fact when indeed it is not and then have the audacity to try and accuse me of trying to destroy the country because I expressed a view that I never stated as fact, unlike you sir. You accused me of hiding behind hate when you’re entire statement was dripping with disdain and hatred. You sir, are the only one who made my statement about “you” vs. “them” perhaps you should practice what you so vehemently preach instead of spreading hate and practicing the very thing you so arrogantly and without merit, accused me of being. Good day.

      • xcrimsonxguardx

        first off that works both ways the rebel flag is not even a the flag for the south IF THESE PPL want southern flag pride then fly the right one and second the way these comments are lined up now im not sure which one of my comments your exactly referring too, so plz could tell me which one your replying too?

      • xcrimsonxguardx

        let me ask you something has any one associate the C.S.A FLAG with hate no, JUST ONE FLAG that’s not even from ark, if i remember right it was from tenn, so before you get at me, understand where im truly coming from, you know i still cant find what your talking about. though and 1 more thing i did ask what there flag means the fact they never answered proves my point.

      • xcrimsonxguardx

        before i even answer to all that ,tell me something if you really cared then why don’t you answer the question WHAT IS YOUR VERSION OF SOUTHERN PRIDE?because my point has been this ,not everyone the same including in the south, your trying to take away my opinion and make it like they are angels and im a demon,so yea your no different if you understood where i come from then maybe you wouldn’t be arguing or what ever it is your doing, so far you haven’t even understood none of my points and who they address you just assumed they were the victims.

    • xcrimsonxguardx

      you know i love how y’all generalize a whole section of the country as your own, when in fact you only speak for waldren,ark because i live and breath in the south and i cant find anyone who believes in y’all, they view themselves as American not southern, so that brings me to the my next question what exactly are you?

      • Amber

        Sir who is this “y’all” you are referring to?? I have not once stated a view that was aligned with any certain group… You keep trying to place me in a category which is the very thing you are so busy going around commenting and accusing everyone of. I have never stated I was a “Southerner” a “Northerner” I am simply stating as a human being you nor I have a right to label anyone as a “bigot” “racist” or “hater” of any kind because unless you know these young men personally and have spoken with them personally then you cannot presume to know what the flag they fly means or represents to them. You’re the one commenting the most on this news story and every comment you’ve made you are stating as factual evidence. You may live and breathe in the south, but that doesn’t make you the authority on what everyone who does live and breathe in the south believes and thinks. Unless you have polled every person in the south and can hand fact based evidence then your views, just like everyone else’s are just that, YOUR views which are based upon opinion rather than factual evidence. Therefore, you sir, have no more right to force your opinion on others than they do on you. Instead of spending all day having a pissing contest on a news story in Waldron, AR why don’t you find a way to go out and actually stand for a cause that makes effective positive changes in society instead of just attacking others because they don’t believe as you, and trying to tell others they are wrong because they don’t have the same opinion or feel like you do. That’s the beauty of opinions everyone has one, and that doesn’t make yours better or more right anymore than it makes theirs because they are just that…. Opinions… Good day.

      • Amber

        Perhaps they didn’t answer your question on what it meant to them is because it does in fact mean southern pride to them which has already been stated… But you sir, continue to give reason why it doesn’t mean that and telling them if they actually want a flag for that then they should go with your suggestion. Once again, a display of your arrogance in thinking everyone should think, believe and feel as you do. If that’s what it means to them whether it’s “historically” factual in your opinion or not doesn’t matter… That’s still how they chose to express their southern pride. Whether you feel they’ve got southern pride and are actually or not doesn’t matter to them because they feel they are southern and have stated it represents their southern pride. You cannot be so arrogant to presume to believe they don’t have a right to believe and express however they so chose, because if so, then you sir are exhibiting and doing the EXACT thing you have accused over half the people on this thread of doing.

      • xcrimsonxguardx

        NOw that works both ways now don’t it. and it s my job to fight extremist so yea im going to annoy them also until i can establish they are human, so if your saying they don’t belong to that category then again tell me what there about i have asked hundred times it seems and no answer. so……

      • Amber

        I can’t speak for everyone… But I know several people who know these young men, I associate with people who are from Waldron and all the many many small towns surrounding it. The town is a small farming community that has not just white but also has African American, Hispanic, and Asian residents. These young men were raised in traditions that have nothing to do with hate but how to live off the land hunting, fishing, and so on. They spend their weekends playing football, mudding, and other activities that are done all over the country. They don’t cause any trouble. They are respectable kids that are involved in their school and the school activities, and in a town as small as Waldron believe me it would be known if they weren’t. They are not extremists, they are not racists, nor any other hate based group affiliated. The young men are friends with others who aren’t of their race both out and in the school. They hang out on Main Street, go bowling, to dances and prom and they go together. They don’t use any form of extremist hate based anything. That flag has been flying in trucks from around here since I first moved here. It to them represents a southern way of life meaning going to church on Sunday, respecting their elders, hunting, fishing, working the hay fields in the summer time or logging with their Dad and Grandpa, hunting with generations of family members, fishing as well, and the way things are done around where they were raised that are their traditions. It has not one thing to do with anything malicious or hate based and that, sir, is the bottom line.

    • xcrimsonxguardx

      i tell you what you and all who subscribe to your way of thinking give me your extremist who abuse this flag when that time comes and i will subscribe to your way of thinking because your human, you shown that i will even fight for your flag if you keep it out of the extremist hands. DEAL?

      • Amber

        Sir, I don’t have any capacity for hate or violence of any kind. I don’t like people picking and choosing parts of the Bible to support their cause, I don’t believe God hates anyone and I don’t believe in judgement. I don’t believe in nor would I ever subscribe to or sit idly by while someone bashes another human being for their race, religion, sexual preference or any other God given right. I think there is entirely too much divide in this nation and in this world. I don’t believe in fighting hate with hate, or bigotry with maliciousness. I believe in showing people facts and letting them find their path. At the end of the day I would not stand by anyone no matter who they are if they are preaching hate and intolerance.

  • tiara smith

    This is 45 minutes away from me. I watched a video this morning that one of the kids had posted on Facebook of at least 10 trucks with their flags flying on their way to school. Have not heard how it turned out yet but I am sure I will by the time school gets out. Also, the American Flag is offensive to some but that is still put up everyday. This is absurd and this town is mostly 99% white! All country folk who have lived there for centuries too. You go kids!

    • billy

      The flag has nothing to do with heritage. What was there symbol of heritage before the Civil War? The Confederate flag is a symbol of slavery not heritage.


        This flag stood for slavery?, What did the Us flag stand for?, Are you suggesting that there were never slaves in the North?, therefore the Union flag could not also stand for slavery? Why didn’t the North free their slaves along with the Southern Slaves,if they felt slavery was such a vice? Why did slavery remain in the North after the war. Northern ideals then and now hold with “It was wrong for you but not for us”. Why did these forward thinking people only want the blacks-slave or free- emunerated in the census as three for every five counted? Did the North feel the Southernern blacks were not as equal as the white Northerner? This is one of the debates occuring at the time of the war, because the South wanted the blacks counted as equal, SO! the Union flag stood for exactly for the same things the Southern flag stood according to your own logic

  • Roberta passmore

    We have to stand it what we believe in we don’t have much left to believe in we don’t have freedom no more

    • xcrimsonxguardx

      what exactly is it you believe in that’s in danger or is this another generalized accusation with no examples to back it up.

  • Julie Martin

    After reading all the comments, this is what I have to offer:
    Everyone should respect each other’s opinions and leave it at that. Everyone needs to stop being “offended” by every little thing that comes along and realize that we are all different…it is what makes us special. Just because I don’t agree with you or look like you or believe what you believe, that doesn’t make me right and you wrong. It makes me different from you and it is what makes the world a more interesting place. Relax and show a little respect and kindness to each other.

  • Watcher

    The fact is The Civil War was about Slavery. Was it about State Rights? Yes, State Rights to retrieve run away slaves in accord with the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793 and 1850. Go read the articles of confederate secession from South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Texas,etc. Tariffs, Taxes or any other matters other then Slavery were the secondary issues and never mentioned in some secession letters.

    I provided the secession article from the State of South Carolina (The first state to separate). It is from Yale’s website.

    • Scott

      If you really want to learn more about this era, the first Monday of each month at the Fort Smith Public Library at 7 pm, the Fort Smith CIVIL War round table meets. They discuss many issues both military and political during this time. Admission is free.

  • Billand AmyBeth Beam

    It is not illegal and they have a right to free speech……….. that right is being violated by the Waldron School District Superintendent and I hope some great Southern Lawyer steps forward and represents these 3 boys and makes an example out of the district and Mr. Wayman and he loses his job.

  • P. Christian

    The father teaches tolerence. At what point in time will we ever hear the message he teaches? How many have already killed or been killed for lack of tolerence. How many races, religous groups, ethinic groups or any of mankinds choice of seperations do we have to stand against for lack of tolerence? Freedom………… many ways to define freedom. I for one would start with tolerence.
    I’m not trying to understand the mindset of the comments left hear. Just passing along a message that has given me peace of mind, heart and soul.

  • ps

    What does the confederate flag have to do with where we live? Last time I checked I lived in the United States and the Confedercy lost the war. Great job for this boys mom to be proud of her son to promote a symbol that enslaved a whole race of people. School is not a place for free speech, your there to learn. Are there any black and hispanic kids that go this school? What about their right to go school without feeling rascim and just wanting to learn. What makes this country great is that we do have the freedom of speech and the right to voice our opinion, but there is a time and place for that and school is not it.

    • Really?

      You have to be kidding. Students go to school to learn but shouldn’t use this knowledge? They obviously must have been paying attention when they learned about the Constitution. They have the same rights you do. You think there is a time and place for freedom of speech? Pitiful. People like you are the reason everyone is slowing losing our rights.

      • Garry Gage

        My hopes would be that somehow these kids actually grow up and realize there are rules in place in any great society to protect others from unequal treatment. If a kid drops the “F Bomb” in class I am sure he would be disciplined. If you use the N word I would also think that this would involve being sent to the office, not sure though. The nation sees this for what it is. It is an open display of Racists activity much like the militia minded locals have. Stop the hate, this is not an attack on freedom of speech, it is simply rules to govern classroom tolerance and behavior.

    • sylviasdaddy

      ps wrote “With all these posts and differences of opinion do you see why these boys where not allowed to have those flags on campus this is still a sensitive subject for a lot if people on both sides. I think that is what the principle was trying to avoid. School is no place for this your there to learn. If these parents would take more interest in their kids school work as they did in these confederate flags we would all be better off.”

      Misused words: 4
      Run-on sentences: 2
      Missing punctuation: 3
      Missing capitalization: 1
      Non-parallelization: 1

      It is obvious that ps did not learn proper English – nor accurate history — while in school.

      Had ps learned accurate history, ps would know that there are more objections to the thirteen-stripe United States flag than there are to any Confederate flag.

      Had ps learned proper English, ps would have written “With all these posts and differences of opinion, do you see why these boys WERE not allowed to have those flags on campus? This is still a sensitive subject for a lot OF people on both sides. I think that is what the PRINCIPAL was trying to avoid. School is no place for this – YOU’RE there to learn. If these parents would take AS MUCH interest in their kids’ school work as they did in these Confederate flags, we would all be better off.”

  • Watcher

    Someone please please give me a specific reason why the South did not want to be controlled by the North? If it was taxes please provide the Name, Dates and purpose of the taxes? If it was extreme regulations please do the same and how neither would have a negative impact on a Slave holders income or use of free labor.

    Thank you

    • cwfarms

      What about going from a 15% Tarrif to a 45% Tarrif in November 1860, the name of it was the Morril Tarrif, and Lincoln said of it in his inaugural speech that there would be no invasion of the South as long as the Tarrif was collected. Of course the first shot was earlier that month, where the US fired upon Pensecola FL, on Jan 8,1861, and the next day the South fired upon a supply ship breaking treaty in Charleston SC. Lincoln sent them and 8 war ships back in April trying to start a war, while delegates were in Washington City trying to negotiate the share of the federal debt, and the sell of federal buildings

  • bobby

    I’m glad I don’t live in Waldron. I believe there is a few chicken plants there though. I wonder how many hispanic people this sheriff harasses and how many of their civil rights are violated.

    • Bob

      And I wonder how many of those Hispanics you are concerned about are illegal aliens who should be deported?

    • Bob Abbott

      The comment you are showing in this email is NOT the comment I posted.  I registered as “Bob”, so I went back to the article and scanned the comments.  I didn’t even find the comment I posted, but this one isn’t it.

        B. Abbott

      >________________________________ > From: >To: >Sent: Tuesday, April 8, 2014 4:47 PM >Subject: [New comment] Supporters Rally After School Made Students Take Down Confederate Flags > > > > >bobby commented: “I’m glad I don’t live in Waldron. I believe there is a few chicken plants there though. I wonder how many hispanic people this sheriff harasses and how many of their civil rights are violated.” >

  • anonymous

    I can’t believe how this is all going….the boys said they would obey school rules….this is just crazy….

  • Scott

    If you go on offending someone then the American flag offends the Native Americans, and the supremacy groups also use the American flag.The “Rebel” flag was first used in combat.The civilians had a different one.
    Most of the soldiers fighting for CSA didn’t even have slaves.They were fighting for their homes, many Yankees were fighting to preserve the Union.
    The Confederates were tired of the North not abiding by the constitution as it was written then….That time and today’s are different. But most families have ancestors that fought for both sides. And Congress on more than three different occasions has said that the CSA veterans were to be treated as a veteran of the GAR. After the Revolutionary War the 13 colonies in fact became the first United Nations…however, the great experiment failed due to the War taking away most of the rights that the states had. YES slavery is and was bad, however, it was in the Constitution before the War between the
    States. We face that same issue now with the government making it mandatory that all person have health care. Gun control is another issue.
    If the government wants to change the Constitution then go thru the due process of law to change it. I served this nation and am proud of the American flag, also the Scottish flag, the Confederate Battle flag, the Revolutionary era flags, and the Cherokee Braves flag…
    I am offended by the Mexican flag being flown instead of Old Glory.
    Let them fly it as long as they fly it with HONOR. Boys fly the CHRISTIAN FLAG and where they will stir up. GODSPEED.

  • You CAN identify with the South but not the Confederacy

    For those declaring that the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery, let me share what the governor of Arkansas said to the state’s convention in the course of encouraging them to pull the trigger on secession: “An irrepressible conflict, says he [Lincoln], is going on between freedom and slavery. That institution is now upon its trial before you, and if we mean to defend and transmit it to our children, let us terminate this northern crusade, by forming a separate government, in which no conflict can ensue…Does there exist inside the borders of Arkansas any diversity of sentiment, as to the religious or moral right of holding negro slaves?…God and his omnipotent wisdom, I believe created the cotton plant—the African slave—and the lower Mississippi Valley to clothe and feed the world, and a gallant race of men and women produced upon its soil to defend it, and execute that decree.” -Henry Rector

  • Garry Gage

    I cannot believe what I am reading, it appears to me the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree here. RACISM is bad, the confederate flag is RACISM. what is hard to understand about that. Ignorance = Racism

    • Aim

      Show the undeniable proof where the “confederate flag” means racism! Please do because I have studied the civil war and visited quite a few battlefields, and museums, and I don’t recall anywhere where it says the confederate flag means racism. The rebel flag, which is not the confederate flag, holds a stigma because of it’s relation to hate groups. These groups chose to use the flag in a manner that desecrated it’s relation to the confederate flag. Not everyone who flies the rebel flag is a racist, or a bigot. Not all of us were raised that way and we see something else in it, where everyone else sees hatred.

      • Mark Smith

        I’ll tell you exactly where to find the information. Look at news papers and news reports of the 50’S and you’ll find the answer. A bunch of racist, ignorant people with flag in tow demonstrated tiTHE COUNTRY what trailer trash comprisesed the state. Those who defend it like you do are the modern-day equivalent of the crowds of the 50’s. You’re just as ignorant as they were by not knowing this or worse yet, choosing to ignore it. The rest of the country will never respect the South until it owns up to it’s evil. Crack a book

  • Garry Gage

    It must be a difficult time for those who are not racist in the fine state of Arkansas. The Nation will see this because of the internet and I am sure that will be just fantastic for growth in the great state of Arkansas. I have a neighbor who was flying his confederate flag daily, when I approached him and mentioned he was making his house a target he took it down, except for Marin Luther King day now somebody defend that as not being a racist and if you can think about the makeup of this guys mind. He told me he wouldn’t vote for no N word for president. Keep it real people this is racist behavior and is unfortunately what the confederate flag represents in our society.

    • cwfarms

      Flying the flag for Lee-Jackson day isn’t racist, this has occurred every year since 1868. Most Arkansas counties recognize it, and give the blacks the chance to call it the new Michael King day. The Saturday before Easter is Confederate Flag Day in Arkansas also, ther is a ceremony at the capital, gun salutes, etc. many will be there in Uniform. This is not this Sat but the next, come participate.

    • Leten Uno

      Confederate Memorial Day. The state of Arkansas combined this day with MLK day and General Robert E Lee’s birthday. Your neighbor if that’s what you’re referring to was flying the confederate flag on confederate memorial day.

      • Garry Gage

        Martin Luther King day is the third Saturday of January, Confederate day is April 26th. And by the way I know the man that flies the confederate flag and he is a flagrant racist, admitted hater of blacks. He has no problem letting everyone know. This mentality is dangerous to society. This is not freedom of speech it is a cultural war still being fought by people with no rationale.

      • cwfarms

        Robert Edward Lee’s birthday is January 19, Stonewall Jackson’s birthday is Jan 21, Lee Jackson Day is recognized by Arkansas, and by most Counties in Arkansas, and has been since 1868. Michael King is a newcomer, and this lying comunist’s birthday is the 20th of January. The United States chose only recently to honor the murderer and adulterer and they put it right at the wrong time. Confederate Flag day in Arkansas is the Saturday before Easter at the Capital. Come this Sat, we will be firing our muskets in honor of our fallen ancestors.

  • Jake32

    I’m ok with the flag being flown. I personally can’t wait to blast my newly recorded version of “Marching Through Georgia” by Henry Clay Work which commemorates Sherman’s march to the sea.

  • Jesse

    I would like to believe that this young adults were actually proud of heritage and/or culture. I don’t believe that any of these students are actually upset about the issue. They could care less about that flag or what it stands for. It is all about challenging authority. Claiming that this issue is all about their rights. Waldron has a horrible record for many issues, that is something we should all agree upon, professors from the surrounding college know what to expect when they see students from Waldron on their rosters. If these kids are truly proud of that flag and it’s heritage, maybe the next thing they should focus on is restoration of Waldron’s name and image. I believe that leaving Waldron four years ago and relocating my children to a reputable community was the best decision this father could have made for his children.

  • Lessin Broussard

    The school board is full of a bunch of idiots and should be removed from office if they get offended by a piece of cloth.

  • contractor

    Well, personally I don’t like what North Korea is doing to the South Koreans. Bad North Korea, Bad!

  • Aim

    it would appear a few commenters on here need to read some history. Let’s go back a ways to warring tribes in Africa selling prisoners to whomever would buy them. Granted this was mostly the Europeans. The purchased prisoners were then transported to U.S ports and sold to plantation owners. Now for those that think plantations were only in the south you need to go on a road trip. Northern plantation owners also owned slaves.
    The civil war started because the southern states disagreed with the northern states over a multitude of things. The civil war was not fought entirely because of slavery as many stories would have people believe. Abraham Lincoln was compelled to emancipate the slaves; in his mind he was doing the right thing. That also meant the northern plantation owners lost their slaves as well!
    Unfortunately a variation of the confederate flag (the rebel flag) has been tied to racist groups which has given it a stigma that people just can’t get past. The confederdate flag was designed as a symbol for the states who stood against the north (or the union) just as the orginal U.S flag was designed for the states who stood against England.
    I have a rebel flag but I look at it as a sign of my heritage. I am not a racist and I have never veiwed the flag in this manner. I am a patriot of this country and I absolutely respect the American flag and what it stands for but I also do not shun my heritage because it left a mark on history.

    • Jay Johnson

      So… you’re saying you are a “Patriot of this Country” (USA), but take pride in your Southern Heritage, which engaged in war with the same Country you claim to be a Patriot of?

      Do you even take time to consider the nonsense you spew? Or, do you just rationalize your BS after the fact, as it suits your needs?

      • Aim

        Ok well since you question my patriotism I would ask you if you have ever served this country? I would give you a run down of the seven years I did but somehow I don’t think it would matter to a person such as yourself who is so hateful and judgemental. I have lineage on both sides of my mothers family that fought for both sides during the civil war. I “identify” with the southern way of living although I was not born here. I am actually a northerner however the state I was born in was still a territory during the war. Excuse me if I don’t condemn my heritage because uneducated people think the confederate flag stood for slavery. If you look at it that way the union jack did as well because there were northern slave owners as well.

  • Charles McManus

    The first Confederate flag was called the Bonnie Blue and was in fact the Scottish flag. This was used only until a Confederate States National flag was decided on. The first national flag had the crossed stars in the upper corner with either two or three broad stripes alternating red and white. If there was no breeze this flag could be confused with the US flag so it was changed to an all white flag with the crossed stars in the upper corner. If there was no breeze this flag could be seen as a white flag of surrender. The last Confederate National Flag had the crossed stars in the upper corner and was white for the top 2/3 with a broad red stripe accross the end of the flag. What is commonly flown as the “Confederate Flag today is actually the Navel standard or battle flag not the national flag.

  • Charles McManus

    I wonder if the Waldron school system has a policy against flying any other flags other than the Flag of The United States or the Arkansas Flag because I find the flying of the Mexican Flag on school property to be offensive.

  • slim

    White, black, Mexican, who cares! We are all entitled to certain rights. We all have a culture with a past. MOVE ON!

  • Sarah 1 ( real )

    Someone is using my moniker. I am Sarah 1. I am sure it is Kevin behaving in a juvenile manner. Kevin please stop. I have reported you to Channel 5 and will continue to do so until you cease and desist.

  • American from the south

    Offend 96% of the population to keep from offending 4% of the population. Yall sound like owebamas administration now. lol.

  • Christina

    These kids are just having fun… No harm has been done. If a student was offended I’m sure they would have spoke up. I live quite close to one of these boys, and I’m certain they are all just southern boys having fun doing what they love.

  • Clifton Palmer McLendon

    Anyone who seeks an offensive flag needs to look no farther than the thirteen-stripe United States flag.

    Under that flag, many thousands of Africans were transported to slavery in the New World.
    No Confederate-flagged ship ever made a slaving-run.

    Under that flag, atrocities were committed against noncombatant civilians during the 1860s — atrocities to rank with those committed by the Germans and Japanese during World War II.
    No Confederate unit ever committed atrocities against noncombatants.

    Under that flag, Ulysses S. Grant issued General Order No. 11, expelling all Jews from parts of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Kentucky.
    The Confederate States of America never practiced anti-Semitism. To the contrary — the Confederate forces included Jewish officers and enlisted men, and from the beginning, the Confederate cabinet included Judah Philip Benjamin, a Jew. (The first Jewish US cabinet member, Oscar Straus, served under Theodore Roosevelt.)

    Under that flag, the military services were segregated until after World War II.
    Confederate military units saw many different ethnicities – including thousands of blacks – serving cheek-by-jowl and receiving the same pay and allowances.

    Under that flag, Native Americans/Indians were cheated, forcibly removed from their ancestral lands, and massacred wholesale.
    Native Americans/Indians received no such treatment at Confederate hands. To the contrary — Native Americans/Indians played a vital role in the Confederate Army. General Stand Watie, a Cherokee, was the last Confederate general to sign a cease-fire with the US Army.

    Under that flag, American citizens in the 1940s were forcibly removed from their homes and herded into concentration camps solely because their ancestors had been born in Japan.
    The Confederate States of America never put anyone into a concentration camp based on his ethnicity.

    That flag is the favored flag of the Ku Kluxers.

    So – if you seek an offensive flag, go for Old Glory.

  • Jay Johnson

    Leave it to Waldron to further exhibit how backward our State really is. It’s pretty telling, after the Waldron Mayor being involved in a scandal w/ giving his prostitute (girlfriend?) free Water Works service… the Sheriff gets involved in something like this, as well.

    And, as if anyone needed proof Arkansas is one of the worst educated States in the Country… apparently the good Sheriff, his son, and friends never learned that the flag, they proudly exhibitt is the single greatest symbol of treason against the United States of America.

    I’m sure they consider themselves the highest caliber of “Patriots”… because, clearly, ALL “good ol’ country boys” are! …ya know, until it’s time to take pride in the dissolution of the very Country they claim to love.

    • Clifton Palmer McLendon

      If you seek a flag of slavery, look no farther than the thirteen-stripe United States flag.

      Under that flag, hundreds of thousands of Africans were transported to slavery in the New World in the 1700s and 1800s.
      No Confederate-flagged ship ever made a slaving-run.

      Under that flag, the African slave trade (importation of Africans to be sold into bondage) was authorized for 32 years (1776-1808).
      The Confederate constitution prohibited the African slave trade.

      Under that flag, slavery was authorized for 89 years (1776-1865).
      Under Confederate flags, it was authorized for four years.

      So, if you seek a flag of slavery, go for Old Glory.

  • Waste of time

    Oh okay so that’s what those redneck jokers were doing when I drove through today. Also lol at “What’s wrong with racism” which really drives home the level of critical thinking we’re dealing with here on 5NewsOnline. Oh don’t forget the “typo” where instead of “first” you type “fifth” which shows a really poor command of touch-typing and/or is evidence of some major tremors you should discuss with your doctor. No wait it was just someone who has no idea what the amendments are unless talk radio is telling them and had to spend 20 minutes looking it up.

    I was working when I drove through. I figured these people would have something better to do as well. That’s all.

  • John Doe

    Has anyone ever been to Waldron? No one is being offended bc their aren’t any black people in Waldron or the surrounding area. Those good country boys are the first to throw out the n-word during sporting events against their opponents …

  • Jim

    They live in Waldron. Everyone in Arkansas knows that community is backwards, now the whole nation will know. I just feel sorry for them.

  • Brian McElhaney

    GOOD JOB GUYS! Don’t let these liberal weak whack jobs tell you that you cannot show your pride of either the Confederate or American flag! Never give in to these “Control Freaks”! Stand firm to your beliefs and RIGHTS!!! Perhaps if their History teachers would teach more about history & the Confederate flag, instead of how to put a condom on a cucumber, etc. then these whinny students wouldn’t be so afraid of it! Hat’s off to these brave students! THX.

    • Mark Smith

      Brian you’re proud of the Southerners that brought out that flag as they protested on on national tv and spewed hatred, strung up black people all because they thought they were superior. Nothing to be proud of there. You want to do something you can be proud of? Get an education. Develop critical thinking and condemn those that did evil. If you don’t you are propogating the evil.

  • Leten Uno

    The Supreme Court ruled it is legal to flag the Confederate Flag on private property. The government may restrict its display in traditional and limited public forum. Public school is a public forum and can be restricted.

    During the Civil war, it was largely absent and not considered a symbol or opponent of slavery. It represented the southern states and was a battle flag against invading armies.

    The ‘Confederate Flag’ of today was never an official flag of the CSA or any country. It was not widely used during the civil war. It was a battle flag of a few states. Largely forgotten until the 50’s when revived to protest desegregation, forced integration, of public schools.

    Many Historians attest the flag used more in the 50’s against forced school integration than in the entire civil war. Being more of a symbol against desegregation than either a representation of solidarity of southern states, a battle flag or slavery.

    Today only, the smallest measurable segments of the American population support the brutality of slavery by. African – American’s are still subject to discrimination. Yet are not women, the elderly, sick and poor in some form.

    The Confederate Flag is a symbol of southern heritage and battling against invading armies. Which could be against authority. Several organization who support a connection to the Confederate roots support and display the flag. In addition, several rock bands, states, colleges. Even Rockabilly music. The flag is a representation of heritage or connection. Not flown in support of slavery or indignation of African – Americans.

    The controversy over the flag will continue likely long after all of us are gone. Its display may wane and rise. It may vanish or at some point be accepted. Yet today there is no definitive right or wrong. If you support the flag as a symbol of your heritage or connection to ancestry who fought invading armies good for you. However, understand that some see it as a statement in support of racism and slavery. You have a right to display on private property but if government or school officials protest its display in public forum you should remove it and keep it in your heart and home.

    There are left wing, right wing and moderate views of the flag. In addition, no one can certify its true meaning in today’s society. If you feel threatened by this flag today, you are dreaming. It no more represents slavery or hate more than chains or a horsewhip. It is a personal opinion outside of public forum.

    • Mark Smith

      You made the connection yourself you ignoramus. Bright back in the 50’s by bigots who thrust their beer bellies out, used poor English and spread hatred of the worst kind. THAT’S. what people find offensive. And what was behind it all? IGNORANCE AND HYPOCRISY where “Godly” men did evil and those that came after them continued the ignorance as evidenced by your post and those that defend the morally bankrupt South. You’re so ignorant you failed to see the connection people find offensive even though you provided it. Here’s your sign.

  • Choctaw Bear

    My family is from and still lives in this part of Arkansas. You have no idea what kind of advancement this is. They ran blacks out of western AR for years. Kudos to the school administrators for being bold and brave.

    • cwfarms

      How is discriminating against people red, black, yellow, or white with a Confederate heritage have anything to do with black people? Other than the black people with Confederate hertiatge and they are being discriminated against too.

  • Ps

    With all these posts and differences of opinion do you see why these boys where not allowed to have those flags on campus this is still a sensitive subject for a lot if people on both sides. I think that is what the principle was trying to avoid. School is no place for this your there to learn. If these parents would take more interest in their kids school work as they did in these confederate flags we would all be better off.

    • cwfarms

      Yet if you learn history, the boys are on the right side of history, and the Lincoln cult is on the wrong side. Arkansas is still under union occupation 150 years later, and these boys are being demonized for their heritage.

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