Bomb Threat Found Written On Door Of Fort Smith School

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Photo courtesy of the Fort Smith Public School District.

A threatening note was found written on an outside door of the Beard Elementary School, according to Zena Featherston, Director of Communication and Community Partnerships for the Fort Smith School District.

Fort Smith police were called in to clear the building, but nothing was found. Students were not evacuated or moved to a different area of the school.

Administrators know who wrote the note and disciplinary action is being taken, authorities say. The note was written on the outside door during recess.

The threat indicated that something would happen after school today, and it didn’t target anyone specific. It was a bomb threat, and the school houses kindergarten through sixth grade.


  • ns

    goodness gracious!!!! what is up with all these kids threatening schools??? parents are not parents anymore. what happened to respect and honesty?

  • Jonellaa

    The weather is nice and kids know that they can’t get into real trouble, so this is why they are doing it. Thee bomb threats are now a daily thing and no one cares.

    Kids know that due to all the missed snow days that they might have to just keep going and going to school.

    These bomb threats guarantee fresh air and sunshine.

    Even if the kid is caught, all he will get is instant fame amongst the student body.

    The sad thing is that with daily bomb threats going on all the time the schools may get to the point of not really taking these threats seriously and one day a bomb might be real.

  • atc8824

    Last year it was Van Buren like every other day but I am hoping the no tolerance rule and the trouble the other kids got into may detour our kids from threats.I hope anyway.

  • Seriously?

    Every school needs to have a mandatory assembly and talk about this and the trouble they can get into for making these threats. These kids don’t realize how serious this is.

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