Student Makes Threatening Statement At Hartford School

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On Wednesday (April 9) around 3:15 p.m., a call was received from Hartford Schools by the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office in reference to a 12-year-old student that stated to a school official he wished he could “blow up the school with a bomb,” according to a news release from Public Information Officer Pevehouse.

Deputies and investigators were immediately dispatched to the school. They learned that the 12-year-old student was upset by the school rules in reference to a playground game. His feelings about the rules resulted in his threatening statement, authorities say.

“Investigators received enough information to arrest the twelve year old student.  He is being charged with Terroristic Threatening/Felony.  The student was taken to the Sebastian County Juvenile Detention Center,” the release states.

Authorities say, school was already dismissing for the day when the call came in, so, no students at the school were injured or threatened.


      • Happy, happy, happy

        Yes, it matters. Education begins at home. Someone has to first model to the child how to behave in society. That begins at an early early age. Parents are the first teachers.

    • Does it matter

      And if the parents are actually doing all they can to nurture and raise responsible kids? Who’s to say it isn’t the kid. That’s what I don’t understand everyone wants to say oh its the parents but what if it just isnt.

      • Happy, happy, happy

        I personally don’t think parents “are” doing all they can be doing. There are “signs” when kids are messed up. Parents often do not see them, or they do not want to believe there are signs.

  • Matthew Cope

    Sounds like a product of growing up in the world today. Can a 12 year old make a bomb? Yes. Can he get the materials to do it? Yes. How difficult would it be? Lets just say his science fair project was a volcano, he got a B-, and he couldn’t afford the $12 to do it……. A felony charge on a 12 year old for a few words.

  • bobreal

    Can a 12yr old make a bomb??
    Just get on the internet; mix a little of this cleaning solvents with a little of that. Put a lid on it shake it up.. Once presure builds up it will POP..

  • Johnathan

    Seriously! Kids, or adults even, say things they don’t mean as a way to vent frustration. The majority of poeple can not say they’ve never made a false threat out of frustration. I.E. the ever famous, “I could kill you.” Unless the kid had actually looked into how to build a bomb or taken action to gather the supplies needed to do so, they are overreacting. People needto stop allowing their actions to be driven by the fear of what may or may not be. I’m talking to you adults.

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