Teacher’s Reponse To A Nasty Student Letter Is Brilliant

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Sometimes teachers get nasty notes from students, and this teacher’s situation is no exception.

What changes this teacher’s situation is the response. Instead of shredding the nasty letter, the teacher graded it like any other paper.

The classy response was first posted on Reddit, and the letter is below. Affiliate station KTVI – Channel 2 edited the letter blurring some expletives.

Photo courtesy of affiliate station KTVI.

Photo courtesy of affiliate station KTVI.


  • eric meza

    The students that wrote this letter should all get suspended well I know it says all seniors well them suspend all senior for this little letter

  • Ian

    How did this kid even graduate? They don’t even knowing how to use spell check. Teacher did the write thing but the school system is clearly failing.

    • Jen

      Neither do you. There are several misused words in your response. Please be aware that spell check does not capture everything. In some cases it puts in the wrong word for that particular sentence, even though it may be spelled correctly. Also spell check does not check for grammar. That’s up to you.

  • Zero

    “Formal writing should not include profanity” This shows what the English teacher knows. Profanity means something that is profane, and profane means not religious. Something profane would be the word “goddammit”.

    • R

      Yes, the origin of the word “profanity” does have its roots in the religious, meaning to desecrate something sacred. Having said that, common usage of the word – meaning to use vulgarity – is certainly applicable in this situation. It is unbelievable to me that you would criticize the teacher in this instance – your priorities are completely illogical.

  • Shven25

    This is so fake. The student wouldn’t write Dear English IV Teacher, they would have written the teacher’s name.

  • jrox

    people who don’t know the difference between simple words such as: to, too and two annoy the heck out of me. IAN! My goodness… seriously? Please tell me you know the difference between your and you’re. ugh

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