Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department Competes in ‘Roadeo’

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Crew members form the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department will compete in a variety of events Thursday (April 10) at their annual ‘Roadeo’.

Representatives from the seven counties served by District 4 will face off for the 24th annual ‘Roadeo’ at the AHTD Headquarters in Barling.

As part of the competition, the workers will be showing off their speed and skill using their heavy machinery. The events will test their techniques in timed events, as well as showcase their ability to maneuver through obstacle courses.

Crew leader Lewis James said he’s been competing in the backhoe event for more than 20 years. He explained how the competition highlights the safety and skills crew members must use on a daily basis.

“We clean a lot of ditches with backhoes,” James said. “We’ve had a lot of brush trouble in our area this last winter so it`s used to remove brush from the right away. It`s used for a lot of things.”

The winners of Thursday’s events will advance to the state competition in Little Rock in May.

5NEWS Reporter Katie Kormann will be there for the competition, and bring you that story on your 5NEWS at 12.









  • joesumone

    The competition is done in one day? Nothing this government entity does is completed in one day, well except for showing off for each other. There should be events for longest time for project completion, set up and tear down of traffic delays, and grouping high supervisor/low worker ratios. This is such a wonderful use of our state tax dollars.


      What a waste of tax dollars! Where is it written in any of the laws or contracts for pass through money from the state or federal government that this is a allowable expense. I think there is better use of equipment and man hours, like actually showing off their speed and skills using their heavy equipment on road projects! Things of this nature is why governments at all levels are broke! State officials and workers should be ashamed by this abuse of tax dollars! Instead, I Guess I will work a little harder so our government can stand around, laugh and play games!

    • Mel Sams

      I agree 100% what you wrote, this is just more of the same: Government Waste and Tax Dollars used like it is there money. And we know they will say a New Tax is needed because they ran out of money to Repair roads. Stupid !

  • Happy, happy, happy

    Ditto on previous posts by Mel, You’ve got to be joking, and joesumone. All we heard all winter during the snow was, “we are out of money to buy anything to put onto the highways”……boo hoo hoo. I’m sick of government waste, and this is just another example.

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