Earthquake Wakes Up Central Oklahoma Overnight

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In Oklahoma, some people had a pretty scary wake up call Thursday morning (April 10).

A 4.1 magnitude earthquake hit the central part of the state just after 2:30 a.m., according to the United States Geological Survey. Officials said the epicenter of the earthquake was located about six miles southwest of Guthrie.

So far, no reports of damage have been called in to local authorities.



  • JLamp

    Ever since NW Arkansas felt an earthquake from Oklahoma a few years ago I have tried to monitor for more earthquakes through the USGS site with their email alerting system. For the most part I feel it has been quiet, but over the past several weeks there has been a flurry of activity in OK. I really have not done more research into it, but it’d be interesting to know…if this is naturally occuring or maybe something man-induced is causing the behavior.

    Might be something interesting for 5News :-)

  • Joann W.

    Fracking is the term used to describe salt water induction into a oil well to force the oil and natural gas to come up to the pipeline. The problem arises when the engineers turn up the pressure of the water so high causing an earthquake. Fracking is done everywhere but greedy money changers want more oil, more natural gas and they don’t care about destruction of the environment, damage to foundations on older homes, etc. because the ‘owners’ live far away and it doesn’t worry them. Money is the key, always follow the money.

    That being said, i would never consider the opinion of an oil well owner, engineer or anyone who might have been bumped a fistful of dollars to sway an opinion in their direction.

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