Fianna Hills Community Concerned After Buyer Pulls Out

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Homeowners living along Fianna Hills Country Club in Fort Smith are worried about their property values after a prospective buyer for the golf course pulled out, leaving the club with an uncertain future.

Don Wright has been a member of the Fianna Hills Country Club in Fort Smith for many years.

"I have lived there for about 18 years," Wright said.

Those years have been spent on the golf course, a place he says he's not ready to give up.

"We don't want it to close,” said Wright. “We want it to continue on with this ownership or some other ownership.”

FSM Redevelopment Partners had planned to buy the country club and triple its size from 27,000 square feet to 83,550 square feet. The group notified the country club last week it was pulling out of the potential purchase, though, and was no longer interested in Fianna Hills.

With no buyer, it is unclear how much longer the country club will operate.

Wright said he and his neighbors are concerned about the club's future. Owning a home on a golf course is a selling point, they said.

"There has been uncertainty for the last two to three months," said Wright.

And the uncertainty has homeowners on edge.

"I'm concerned about property values," said Penny Smith.

Penny Smith owns property in Fianna hills.

"I own four properties,” said Smith. “One that I live in and I have three rental properties, two of the homes are on the golf course."

She said she's attended meetings on the future of her community.

"I'm concerned about the beauty that's maintained," said Smith.

City directors told 5NEWS they plan to meet on the issue on May 6.


    • Fianna Hills Resident

      First of all Fianna Hills is far from the 1%, have you ever driven through the neighborhood? Why don’t you stop complaining about the middle class and spend that time trying to become the middle class.

  • Becky

    Fort Smith is dead, no one cares.

    All the jobs have fled to third world countries.

    The only thing keeping Fort Smith appearing to be alive is all the Social Security and SSI checks. Fort Smith has little to no real value added to its own standing and is just on the verge of being flushed down the economic toilet, just like Detroit.

    In 10-15 years the whole Fort Smith area will become a Detroit Michigan.

    Two out of three houses will be empty. Crime will run wild.

    Get out while you can and move to NWA where houses are still $100 sq-ft and little to no crime exist.

    Get out. Sell now before everyone else does.

      • Fianna Hills Resident

        Kevin, NWA is actually thriving due to Walmart and its distributors having to have a corporate office in the area.

    • Becky

      Watcher, you are just jealousy because you house was worth $190,000 when you bought it in 2006 and now it is only worth $95,000.

      You should have known better than to buy in Fort Smith.

      My house had went up in value 14%.

    • atc8824

      Yea no doubt Watcher I must be watching the same version you are because I could swear that some pretty bad stuff has went on in NWA recently.

  • John

    Becky, you need to get a life. Fayetteville is just a big joke. If the Uof A went out, then the whole city would die off.

    I’m not saying Fort Smith is any better off, but I’m just saying NWA is not the land of milk and honey.

  • arnold fudpucker

    This “news” story is big time misleading. There are several twists and turns to the real story. If you can’t cover the story at least somewhat adequately the don’t even try.

    To you NWA aficionados, if Wally World wasn’t there you would be nothing but a dirty spot on the highway. It is a good thing that you have prospered but don’t smear your good fortune in everyone’s face. No one cares much for a braggart particularly when they are the beneficiary of the good fortune and not the cause. Very much like the silver spoon kid who goes to work for daddy starting at president and working his way up.

  • Fort Smith resident

    We can play “what if” all day long but it’s true that Fort Smith is dying and NWA is thriving…

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