Former Razorback Arrested After Dog Found Dead, Another Malnourished

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A former Razorback football player was arrested Thursday after police say he abandoned two of his dogs, resulting in the death of one of them.

Former University of Arkansas linebacker Jarrett Lake, 22, was arrested on suspicion of felony aggravated animal cruelty and booked into the Washington County Detention Center. He was released three hours later on $2,500 bond, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Lake’s arraignment is scheduled for April 16.

Fayetteville Animal Control Officer Lawrence Kimble said he responded to Lake’s rented home on Jeremiah Place on Dec. 29 in reference to an abandoned animal call. Feces covered the floor, and the officer said he found a dead pit bull lying beside a baby stroller in the garage.

Animal Control determined Lake had moved out at least six days earlier.

Officers with the Fayetteville Police Department also found a pit bull inside that was “severely malnourished,” according to an arrest warrant affidavit. The dog received medical care from the Fayetteville Animal Shelter.

An examination of the dead pit bull revealed no food in the stomach, but rather a small piece of black plastic. The dog’s vertebrae, ribs and pelvic bones were visible through the skin, the affidavit states.

Police tried to contact lake after finding the dogs, but he was out-of-state at a football camp, Lake’s aunt told officers. Lake called the officers back and told them the dogs were his responsibility, but he would surrender the animals to a shelter.

Based on the investigation, a warrant was then issued for Lake’s arrest, the affidavit states.

Lake played on the team from 2010 to 2013. Lake recorded 77 tackles in 2013 as a senior, tied for second most for the Razorbacks.


  • Mel Sams

    Some people think they are above the Law and assume no responsibility for their actions. I think the Courts need to impose a Sentence for this person of a Fine no less then 500.00, 12 weekends of him working in a Animal Shelter (minimum 10 hours) each weekend and 2 years Probation. And that the Fine Money would be used to Buy food for the animals.

  • Woody

    stick his @$$ in a cell for a month with only water. this low life needs a lesson he won’t forget. there is NO excuse for this!!

  • Arkajun

    Why didn’t he have these dog signed up for Obamacare…everybody else signed their pets up.

    BTW 40/29 not exactly a story you need to be citing football stats…just the fact he was a football player for the Razorbacks would suffice.

  • BJM

    The dog had a piece of plastic in its stomach instead of food because it was suffering so badly from being starved that it just wanted the feel of something in its stomach. Should do the same thing to this creep.

  • Jane

    Heartless creature….he certainly should have a similar experience, so he can understand the suffering he put these animals through. What makes him above the law? What is the difference in these creatures suffering and him suffering..These animals died a slow painful death. Do you think he could take that? I wage not. He’s a low-life coward.

  • Jane

    Please keep the racist comments out of this conversation. It’s pitiful that you guys resort to that and cannot even have a real conversation about the person who was responsible for these animals who suffered so terribly….And don’t give me some cocky response that’s supposed to entertain your bros. It’s real life brother. Get a grip!

  • Naomi Elkins

    Thank goodness animal abuse can now be a felony! Fine the hell out of this sorry POS! That is the only way to get some peoples attention. Oh yeah, add not allowed to own another dog for 10 years!

  • Scootersmom

    I’m waiting to see if my dog has cancer again & needs surgery. This guy leaves his dog without someone to care for them. IMHO fines & lack of future pets is not enough punishment

    • Tonya

      Read the article lady it says Former. As in no longer. He was away at a training camp preparing for the upcoming draft. Again read and think before you comment.

  • Tonya

    I never ceases to amaze me how everyone has an opinion about everything. Do I condone his behavior? Nope! Will I believe everything I read without all the facts? Nope. I’ve learned to keep my opinions to myself especially if I feel the need to stoop to name calling.

    I challenge anyone hear to think back to when you were that age or even now. Yes we all have done some very stupid things in our youth. Think about going to a party or club and knowing you should not be behind the wheel yet saying to yourself I need to get home.

    Remember before we speak or comment on anything that we too have fallen short and There But for the Grace of God, There Go I.

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